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How do I adjust my backpack?

My ticket has been booked, I have a new backpack and I am ready to go on a trip. All I have to do is adjust my backpack the right way. This ensures that the backpack is neat and above all nice on my back. In this article I take all the steps with you so that you travel with a well-adjusted backpack.

Step 1: Pack the backpack

pack your backpack

First of all, I make sure my backpack is packed in the right way. This way I know exactly which weight to take into account. Of course your backpack does not have to be fully packed, but I find it very awkward to adjust an empty backpack. When there are some stuff in the backpack, I sometimes notice that I did not divide the weight correctly. I can immediately change that. Learn more about how to pack your backpack the most? Then view the article below.

Step 2: Backpack on your back

backpack on your back

When I put the backpack on my back, I make sure that all the tires are completely loose. The shoulder straps, hip and chest strap and the packing straps. I do this because I always want to reset the backpack for a new trip. It is true that the backpack is now dangling at the bottom of your back. No problem, will be fine.

Step 3: Attach hip straps

attach hip straps

The hip straps are the basis for adjusting the backpack. I place the waistbands just above my hipbone and I close the buckle. I think it is a little too loose so I pull the hipbands a little bit. For this I use the adjustment straps that sit over the padded hip straps. The bag now tilts backwards, but I solve it that way.

Step 4: Put on shoulder straps

shoulder straps

I stand up straight, grab the adjustment straps at the height of my armpits and tighten the shoulder straps at the same time. The backpack comes up and I pull the tires until the back is tight against my back. I feel that the shoulder straps are too tight, so I do them slightly looser. I do not want to be bothered by that when the backpack is on my back longer. The more weight on the hips can rest the better.

Step 5: Attract stability bonds

to put on stability bands

Because I have made the shoulder straps slightly looser, to load my shoulders a little less, I notice that the back is no longer nicely connected to my back. I solve this by pulling the stabilization straps. These straps are located at the top of the shoulder straps and are attached to the back. I make sure the straps are at an angle of 45 degrees from the shoulder straps.

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