Advice on airfryers

Here, you can read everything about airfryers. We explain what an airfryer is exactly and give you tips for choosing the best airfryer for you. We compare the different models and brands to each other, so you can easily make choice. We also show you which dishes you can prepare with an airfryer and how you can thoroughly clean the machine.

What is an airfryer?

Airfryer with a small glass of oil

What exactly is an airfryer and how does it work? We're happy to explain it to you.

The best airfryer for you

Airfryer with fries, meat, and savory pie

Choosing an airfryer isn't as easy as it looks. Here, you can read what you have to keep in mind.

Compare airfryers

Airfryer with vegetables and fries

There are many different airfryer brands. We'll help you choose by comparing them to each other.

What do I make with the airfryer?

Airfryer with fries, chicken, croquettes, and apple tarts

You can't only make fries in your airfryer, but you can also grill meat and fish. With the right accessories, you can even make muffins and oliebollen.

Cleaning airfryer

Oil is taken from airfryer

To keep your airfryer in mint condition, you have to clean it regularly. We'd like to give you tips on how you can do this best.

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