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Alarm system with SIM card

An alarm system with SIM card ensures that you receive a text message on your phone when the system detects unwanted visitors. You will receive remote notifications via SMS. In addition, it's possible to give your alarm system specific instructions via text message, like switching on and off the remote alarm system. In this article, you can read the most important facts for an alarm system with SIM card.

How does an alarm system with SIM card work?

how does an alarm system with SIM card work?

You control an alarm system with a SIM card via the SIM card in the base station of the alarm system. You set your telephone number on this SIM card. This way your phone is directly connected to the SIM card in the base station. When 1 of the connected sensors detects something, the base station receives a signal. The same signal is automatically forwarded to your telephone. So wherever you are, you will receive information about any trouble at your home. To ensure that all communication between the SIM card in the base station and your telephone runs smoothly, you must always ensure that the SIM card has sufficient call credit. After all, without call credit, no notifications (text messages) are sent. So what you can conclude from this is that every action of an alarm system with a SIM card costs call credit, i.e. money. You can also switch the system on and off remotely via your telephone.

What are the average costs of a wireless alarm system with SIM card?

It may sound obvious, but to send messages to your phone upon detection or to set up the alarm system, there must be call credit on the SIM card. Setting up your alarm system costs quite a few messages. Therefore, after setting, check whether there is sufficient credit on the card. The exact costs per text message depend on your provider.

Check if your SIM card is active

Many providers deactivate a SIM card if it hasn't been used for a long time. So if you've dusted off your old SIM card again, first check whether the SIM card is still active.

Save your telephone number on the SIM card

The alarm system only responds to a telephone number that is on the SIM card. That means it's not possible for a stranger to simply switch off the alarm system. This option ensures good security for the system. Place the SIM card of the alarm system in a telephone and save your telephone number. Save the telephone number on the SIM card and not on the telephone itself. You can read how to do this in the manual for your telephone. When saving a telephone number, note the extra addition of the country code: +31 for the Netherlands and +32 for Belgium.

Remove the SIM lock

It is possible that the SIM card has a SIM lock. A SIM lock protects your SIM card with a PIN code. As long as the SIM lock is still on the card, the alarm system won't send any messages to your phone and the card won't process incoming messages either. That's why you should always remove the SIM lock from the SIM card beforehand. How you do this differs per provider. Ask the provider of the SIM card how to remove the SIM lock.

Use a SIM card adapter for the correct SIM card size

An alarm system uses the standard SIM card size, while most telephones use a mini or nano SIM card. If the SIM cards don't match in terms of size, it's not possible to place the SIM card in both the alarm system and in your telephone. To make the mini or nano SIM card large enough for the alarm system, use a SIM card adapter. Use the correct mold for your card and place it in your alarm system.

Have a SIM card that you can use to text

Choose a SIM card with text/call credit on it or a SIM card with a subscription (with SMS bundle). Don't use a SIM card with data on it to use the internet. These SIM cards are not suitable for an alarm system with SIM card. SIM cards with internet don't send any text messages.

Check the content of your message

Check the text message before sending it to the alarm system. Most alarm systems are programmed in such a way that they only process standard codes. For example, if there is a space or extra punctuation mark in the message, the alarm system won't process the message. Check the manual of your alarm system which codes are and aren't relevant to your alarm system.

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