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Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Although Apple stuck to small smartphone screens for quite a while, we've started seeing bigger screens from them since the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus look very similar, but there are some noteworthy differences. In this article, we'll list the similarities and differences between both phones.

In short: similarities and differences

iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 6s Plus
Waterproof Yes No
Home button Pressure-sensitive button Physical button
Rear camera Dual camera Single camera
Storage capacity 32, 128, or 256GB 32 or 128GB


First of all, the design. Weighing in at 188g, the iPhone 7 Plus is slightly lighter than the iPhone 6s Plus, despite having a larger rear camera. To me, the dual camera is undoubtedly the big difference between these two devices, but more on that later. What else do I notice? The iPhone 7 Plus no longer comes in Space Gray. You can now choose either matte or glossy black. The antenna lines in the Phone 6s Plus run horizontal, while the iPhone 7 Plus antenna lines run on the top and bottom of the phone. A change that can't be seen is the fact that the iPhone 7 Plus is waterproof.


iPhone 7 Plus home button

Home button

The home button on iPhone 7 Plus has gotten a makeover. It's no longer a button you can physically press. Instead, the iPhone 7 Plus has a pressure-sensitive touch home button. That means that you can perform different actions by pressing harder or less hard. Thanks to the vibrate function, you do get feedback when you "press" the button.

iPhone 7 Plus camera


The iPhone 7 Plus has a notable feature that even its smaller sibling, the iPhone 7, doesn't have. The iPhone 7 Plus has a dual camera. When taking photos, both lenses get to work and the images are combined to get a great result. In addition, the dual camera has optical zoom. I can zoom in on subjects to take a photo without losing any quality.

Storage capacity

I'm an active multimedia user. That means I need a phone with sufficient storage capacity. The iPhone 6s Plus offered me a choice between 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB. With the introduction of the iPhone 7, Apple has changed this to 32GB and 128GB. The iPhone 7 Plus is available with 3 different storage capacities; 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Keep in mind that the 32GB storage capacity version doesn't come in Jet Black.


I think the iPhone 7 Plus is a definite improvement compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 6s Plus. The introduction of the dual camera is one I welcome with open arms. After all, it changes a lot in terms of functions as well as photo quality. After a week of getting used to it, I found the new home button a good change too. Let's not forget the waterproof casing either. Now I can answer my phone when it's raining without worrying about water damage.

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