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The lighting on my bike carrier doesn't work

With the bike carrier on the back of the car? Then you check before departure of course if all lighting works as it should. What if it turns out that is not the case? On this page I explain exactly what you do when the lamps do not work or do not work properly.

In short

  1. Are the contact of the car and the plug of the bike carrier equal? ​​
  2. Check the contact point of the plug and the contact
  3. Try the bike carrier on another car
  4. Replace the lamp

Right plug?

The first step is to check whether the bike carrier plug fits the car's socket. There are 2 plugs: 1 with 7 pins and 1 with 13 pins. Do not you have the right combination? Then you need an adapter. Below you can see how a 7- and a 13-pin contact and plug look like.

7 pole or 13 pole

7-pole contact & plug

13-pin plug & contact

Check the contacts of the plug and the contact

Plug contacts

Check the contacts for dirt and rust. This can disturb the contact between the car and the bike carrier so that the lights do not light up. Do not forget to check the pins of the plug.

On dirt: Remove this with a cotton swab, an old dry toothbrush or contact cleaner. Be sure not to use water or detergents!

With rust: Spray the contacts with WD-40, this will remove the rust and then protect it again. In the event of heavy rust, the contact or the plug must be replaced.

Try the bike carrier on another car

When the plug is properly attached and the contacts are clean, it is advisable to check whether the lighting problem is caused by the bike carrier or by the vehicle contacts. First try the bike carrier on another car. Ask a neighbor, friend, family member or colleague to help you by lending a car.

Also the lighting does not work properly? Then there is a good chance that something is not right in the bike carrier. When the lamps do work, the car is the culprit. It is wise to go past the garage.

Replace the lamp

Are the contacts clean and have you tried the bike carrier on another car, but still no light? The chance is that a light is broken. This can be replaced by unscrewing the plastic lampshade and then removing the lamp. For example, if the left brake light does not work, you can place the right brake light in the socket (holder) of the left bulb. Does it work now? Then the light is broken.

  • Tip: take the glass of the lamp with a clean cloth and never hold it with your bare hands. The grease of your fingers will then damage the lamp so that it gives less light and breaks down faster. *
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