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Compare the Canon EOS 77D to the Canon EOS 80D

The Canon EOS 77D and the Canon EOS 80D are suitable for advanced photographers. The question is which model suits you best. Both cameras are equipped with a 24-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, Full HD video resolution, and integrated WiFi and NFC functionality. The 2 models differ when it comes to other specifications. The 77D is a lot lighter and has Bluetooth. The 80D is faster and the battery lasts longer. You can view the other similarities and differences between these two cameras in the table below.

Main differences between the Canon EOS 77D and EOS 80D

Canon EOS 77D Canon EOS 80D
Image sensor APS-C, 24.2 megapixels APS-C, 24.2 megapixels
Max. ISO 51,200 25,600
Max. shutter speed 1/4,000s 1/8,000s
Frames per second 6 7
Tiltable screen Yes Yes
Water and dust proof No Yes
Number of photos (with 1 battery) 600 960
Weight 540 grams 730 grams


Ease of use 77D

77D: suitable for advanced photographers

The Canon EOS 77D is an SLR camera for advanced photographers. Use the control dial or the touchscreen to manually adjust the settings, for example the shutter speed and the aperture. In this way you determine the settings of the camera yourself. Because the buttons are on the left and right side of the camera, you can not operate it fully with one hand. Thanks to the tiltable screen you can easily take photos from difficult positions. You make 600 photos with 1 fully charged battery.

Ease of use 80D

80D: suitable for demanding photographers

This model is suitable for advanced photographers who are demanding. You manually set up the Canon EOS 80D. Just like with the 77D, you do this with the touchscreen. This makes it easy to adjust the settings. You do not operate the camera fully with one hand, because the buttons are on the left and right side of the camera. The battery of this camera lasts longer than that of the 77D. With 1 fully charged battery you can make 960 photos.

Image quality

Image quality 77D

77D: 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor

With the 24.2 megapixel sensor of this camera you can take sharp pictures. The images are processed quickly, allowing you to shoot at 6 frames per second. In this way you capture sharply moving subjects, for example. Thanks to the high maximum ISO value of 51.200 you can make clear photos in dark locations. Keep in mind that there is more noise when you set a high ISO value. With the 45 focus points you determine which part of your photo you focus on.

Image quality 80D

80D: 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor

You take sharp photos with the Canon EOS 80D thanks to the 24.2 megapixel sensor. Because of the fast image processing you shoot at 7 frames per second. This way you record actions and moving subjects. The maximum ISO value is somewhat lower than that of the 77D, namely 25,600. You shoot clear images in dark locations. With a high ISO value, noise is created in the photo. You decide which part of the photo is sharp thanks to the 45 focus points.

Physical properties

Physical properties

77D: a lightweight SLR camera

The Canon EOS 77D is a light SLR camera of 540 grams. The low weight and compact size make the camera suitable to take anywhere. You can easily hold the camera in one hand. The rubber grip ensures that the camera does not slide out of your hand. The model has several buttons with which you have many options. The viewfinder determines the frame of your photo. This viewfinder shows 95% of the image that you capture.

Physical properties

80D: SLR camera with robust design

Compared to the 77D, the 80D is rather heavy. This makes it less easy to take with him. Despite the weight, you can easily hold the camera with one hand. This model also has a rubber grip, so you can not just drop the camera. Like the 77D, this camera has several buttons to adjust the settings. The viewfinder of the 80D shows 100% of the image that comes on your photo.


Both cameras are suitable for advanced photographers thanks to the extensive options. The Canon EOS 77D is suitable for photographers who love to travel. Thanks to the low weight, you can easily take this camera with you. This model performs better in dark locations. With the Canon EOS 80D you can shoot with more frames per second. This makes the camera more suitable for capturing actions and moving subjects. The viewfinder of this model shows 100% of the image that you capture.

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