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Compare the JBL E35 to the E45 and E55

The JBL E35, JBL E45 and E55 headphones are very similar and are all available in the same colors. This makes it difficult to choose. To help you with your choice, I compared the headphones. You can read more about this comparison in this article.

JBL E35 Black

  • On ear
  • Cable with controls
  • For at home and on the go
no longer available
  • Make hands-free phone calls via the microphone.
  • You can not adjust the music volume with the remote control.

JBL E45BT Black

  • On ear
  • Bluetooth
  • For at home and on the go
in stock
  • Via Bluetooth you can wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet.
  • The headset is delivered without a carrying case.

JBL E55B Black

  • Over ear
  • Bluetooth
  • For at home and on the go
temporarily sold out
  • Via Bluetooth you can wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet.
  • The battery provides 20 hours of listening pleasure.
  • The headset is delivered without a carrying case.

The differences in short

E35 E45 E55
I want an over ear design No No Yes
I want to listen wirelessly via Bluetooth No Yes Yes
I want to make hands-free calls via the headphones Yes Yes Yes
I want to adjust the volume via the headphones No Yes Yes
I want to compact the headphones compactly Yes Yes Yes
I want to dampen ambient noise with noise canceling No No No

Listening to music wirelessly

The JBL E35 does not have the option to listen to music wirelessly. The JBL E45 and the E55 do have this option. For example, there are no cables in the way when you listen to music and you control the headphones via your smartphone.


JBL E35: remote control in the cable

The JBL E35 can be operated via the integrated remote control. Switch between music or take phone calls to make hands-free calls.

JBL E45: buttons on the earcup

The JBL E45 headphones can be operated via the buttons on your earcup or your smartphone. Pause the music or change number. You also take telephone calls with the ear cup control.

JBL E55: app on your smartphone

You control the JBl E55 headphones via Bluetooth with your smartphone or via the control buttons on the earcup. Switch number, pause music and answer incoming calls wirelessly.


JBL E35: Simple but comfortable

The JBL E35 has an on-ear type of carrying method. This means that the ear cups are on your ears which makes the headphones compact. The ear cups and headband are covered with fabric, which increases the wearing comfort.

JBL E45: On ear and wireless

The JBL E45 headphones have an on-ear type of wear. Thanks to the close-fitting, dust-covered ear cups, the headphones stay in place. The battery of the headphones lasts up to 16 hours. You can fully charge the headphones within 2 hours via a micro USB cable. When you listen to music via the aux cable, you do not have to worry about knots in the cable. The cable is made of fabric.

JBL E55: Long battery life

The JBL E55 has an over ear type of carrying. This makes your ears completely enclosed by the headphones. For example, ambient noise is passively excluded. The dust-covered ear cups provide a comfortable listening experience. The battery of the headphones lasts up to 20 hours. You charge the headset within 2 hours for a full battery.


Three JBL headphones that look very much alike from the outside, but still very different from each other. If you want compact headphones that you simply put in your bag, the E35 is a great headset. Do you want to control music through the earcups and listen to music wirelessly? Then you choose one of the Bluetooth variants: the E45 or E55. The E45 goes wireless for 16 hours and the E55 takes 20 hours. Do you also want to shut out some environmental noise? Then the E55 with your over ear type of wear is your headphones.

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