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Compare the Sonos to the Bose multi-room system

Are you looking for a multi-room system where you connect speakers in multiple rooms? Then you have a wide choice nowadays. In this article I will contrast the Sonos system with the Bose multiroom system to make choosing the best system easier for you.

Main differences between Sonos and Bose multi-room

Sonos Bose
A separate speaker for small, medium and large rooms Yes Yes
Control the multiroom system via an app Yes Yes
A subwoofer and soundbar for a powerful home theater sound Yes Yes
Control the speaker by voice via Google Assistant Yes No
Listen to streaming services or internet radio Yes Yes
A speaker with a battery, so that I can also listen to music outside No Yes
Stream music to the speakers via Bluetooth No Yes
Automatically tune the sound of the speakers to the room's acoustics Yes No

Sonos vs. Bose

Sonos multiroom system

The Sonos multiroom system

The Sonos wifi multiroom system has multiple formats of speakers suitable for small, medium and large rooms. You tune each speaker to the room so that the sound is optimally reflected. You use the speakers separately or as a multi-room system. This can consist of several smaller speakers or expanded with a subwoofer and soundbar. You operate the system from the Sonos app on your smartphone or voice-controlled via Google Assistant. If you have a weak WiFi signal, Sonos has the Boost to create your own network.

Bose multiroom system

The Bose multiroom system

Just like the Sonos system, the Bose mutliroom system has different sizes of speakers. The speakers can be used depending on each other or as a multi-room system. Bose also has an extension with a subwoofer and a soundbar as an option. Please note that not all Bose speakers can be connected. Besides WiFi, Bose also has the option to stream music via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet. So you also play your favorite music through the speakers in the garden or with a bad WiFi connection.


Do you want a powerful WiFi signal with your sound system and also be able to operate the speakers via Google Assistant? Then the Sonos multiroom system is the system for you. Do you want to be able to use the system outside and operate from Bluetooth? Then the Bose multiroom system is the system for you.

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