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The AEG 6000 dryer vs the AEG 7000 dryer

Unsure whether you need an AEG 6000 or 7000 series dryer? The load capacity is virtually identical for both dryers, but the main difference is in their technologies. The AEG Lavamat 7000 series dries your clothes at a lower temperature to your clothes don't damage as easily. This series is also more energy efficient than the 6000 series. In this article, you can read all the differences between the series.

Series buildup

AEG 6000 AEG 7000 AEG 8000 AEG 9000
FiberPro No No No Yes
AbsoluteCare No No Yes Yes
SensiDry No Yes Yes Yes
ProSense Yes Yes Yes Yes
Energy label B A+ to A+++ A++ to A+++ A+++
7kg 7 - 8kg 8 - 9kg 8kg

Difference in technology

AEG Lavatherm 6000

AEG 6000: adjusts the drying time based on the load

If you dry your clothes too long or too hot, there's a chance your clothes will shrink or that the colors fade. The ProSense technology adjusts the drying time and energy use based on the amount of laundry. The sensors measure the amount of moisture in the drum, and the dryer bases the drying time and intensity on that. That way, you prevent your clothes from staying in the dryer for too long. This is better for your clothes, energy bill, and the environment.

AEG Lavatherm 7000

AEG 7000: dries at a low temperature

The AEG 7000 series protects your clothes from overly high temperatures. SensiDry dries your clothes at half the regular temperature, so your clothes don't damage as easily. The dryer doesn't use a heating element to heat up the drum like a condenser dryer does, but it uses a heat pump that reuses the hot air. By constantly blowing the hot air back into the drum, you don't reach as high a temperature.

Difference in energy consumption

Energy consumption AEG 6000 series

AEG 6000: saves € 0 on energy costs

The 6000 series has a B energy label by default, so it's the least energy efficient of all the AEG dryers. B is the lowest energy label. That's why we use this label as a zero line to calculate how much you save with a more energy-efficient model. We assume a model with a B energy label and an 8kg load capacity. The machine's average lifespan is 12 years.

Energy consumption AEG 6000 series

AEG 7000: saves at least € 640 on energy costs

Among the AEG 7000 series of dryers, you can choose models with an energy label ranging from A+ to A+++. With an A+ model, you can save at least € 640 on energy costs over the machine's entire lifespan. We compare the dryer to a model with a B energy label and an 8kg load capacity. We assume that the machine lasts 12 years on average.

Difference in load capacity

Load capacity AEG 6000 series

AEG 6000: 7kg

Do you live alone or with 1 other person? Then the 6000 series gives you the option of a dryer with a 7kg load capacity. You can use it to do the laundry multiple times a week. You can also manage with a household of 3 to 4 people if you do multiple small loads of laundry.

Load capacity AEG 7000 series

AEG 7000: ranges from 7 to 8kg

Do you live alone or with 2 to 4 people? Then the 7000 series gives you the option of a dryer with a 7 or 8kg load capacity. When you save up your clothes, an 8kg model is a little more convenient. In that case you should choose a 7000 series instead of a 6000 series.

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