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Compare the Samsung Q80T to the Q64R and the Q60R

The Q60R, Q64R and Q80T are Samsung's entry level QLED TVs from 2019. Each step up guarantees a deeper black display and a stronger contrast. Compared to the Q64R and Q60R, the Q80T delivers the strongest contrast. In this article, you'll find all important differences and similarities between the QLED TVs.

Samsung Q80T

  • This Q80T delivers the deepest black levels thanks to the Direct Full Array 4x technology.
  • The deepest black levels and high brightness provide the strongest contrast.
  • With Ambient Mode, you can display colors or artwork on the screen.
  • The Q64R includes a more luxurious version of the One Remote.

Samsung Q64R

4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart TV: Tizen | 100 Hertz
no longer available
  • The Ultimate UHD Dimming technology provides improved contrast.
  • This TV includes a luxury Premium One Remote.
  • With Ambient Mode, you can display colors or artwork on the screen.
  • The Q80T has a better local dimming technique, so it delivers deeper black levels.

Samsung Q60R

4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart TV: Tizen | 100 Hertz
no longer available
  • With Ambient Mode, you can display colors or artwork on the screen.
  • The TV doesn't have a local dimming technique that improves the black levels.
  • The TV isn't available in 49, 55, or 65 inches

Compare the Samsung Q80T, Q64R and Q60R

Samsung Q80T Samsung Q64R Samsung Q60R
Local Dimming technology Direct Full Array 8x local dimming Ultimate UHD Dimming None
Peak brightness 1500 nits 1000 nits 1000 nits
One Remote Control included Yes Yes (Premium) Yes
Ambient Mode Yes Yes Yes
Wide viewing angle No No No
Anti-reflective filter No No No

Local dimming

QLED Local dimming

Both the Q80T and Q64R have local dimming techniques that improve contrast. The Direct Full Array backlight of the Q80T consists of different zones. When the TV shows a dark image, only the lights behind this image are dimmed. This makes the black levels and the contrast extra realistic. The Ultimate UHD Dimming technique of the Q64R analyzes each frame and then creates the optimum image display, making dark scenes of, for example, a starry sky look extra dark. Although this technique clearly improves the contrast, Direct Full Array does this more effectively.

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Although the Q80T is the best in this comparison, the entire Samsung QLED series consists of even better TVs. The Q80R up to and including the Q90R provide a better contrast. This is because they produce a higher brightness and have more dimming zones. As an added benefit, the screen includes special filters that reduce reflections and widen the viewing angle. As a result, the image quality doesn't deteriorate when you're sitting diagonally in front of the TV. That's useful if you're watching a movie or sports competition with a large group.

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