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Compare the Sony KD-XG9505 to the KD-XG8505

The KD-XG9505 and KD-XG8505 are among Sony's best LED TVs from 2019. Thanks to the Triluminos screen and the 4K and HDR support, both models guarantee a high-quality image. The KD-XG9505 has a better local dimming technology and a better processor, making images extra smooth and rich in contrast. In this comparison, I'll explain the most important differences.

Sony KD-XG9505

  • Thanks to the 4K and HDR support, you'll enjoy detailed and colorful images.
  • Full array local dimming delivers deep black levels and a strong contrast.
  • The X1 Ultimate processor provides an extra smooth and colorful image.
  • Only the 75 and 85-inch versions have the X-Wide Angle technology that delivers a wider viewing angle.

Sony KD-XG8505

  • The 4K and HDR support guarantee detailed and colorful images.
  • The TV doesn't have full array local dimming that provides deep black levels.

In short

Sony KD-XG9505 Sony KD-XG8505
Resolution 4K (UHD) 4K (UHD)
Color depth 10 bit (over a billion colors) 10 bit (over a billion colors)
Local dimming Full array Edge lit
Processor X1 Ultimate processor 4K HDR Processor X1
Viewing angle Standard, but the viewing angles of the 75 and 85-inch versions are wider Standard
Smart functions Android TV with Google Assistant Android TV with Google Assistant

Local dimming

Sony local dimming

The backlight type is one of the most important differences between the two TVs. For example, the Sony KD-XG9505 features full array local dimming, making the black levels extra deep and true to life. During a scene of a starry sky you see a deep black sky, while the stars shine brightly. With the KD-XG8505, the lights are only at the edges of the screen. This creates less accurate black levels. During the same scene of the starry sky, the stars will shine less brightly or the sky will be less dark.

The processor

Sony processor

The image performance of a TV is largely determined by the processor. With the 4K HDR Processor X1 of the Sony KD-XG8505 you know for sure that the image display is sharp and colorful. For example, the TV effortlessly displays HDR formats such as HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. The X1 Ultimate processor of the KD-XG9505 is Sony's best image processor. This provides an improved analysis and optimization of images. As a result, your favorite videos look more detailed and colorful, making your viewing experience extra realistic.

The viewing angle

Sony viewing angle

Both the Sony KD-XG9505 and KD-XG8505 have a VA screen, which means that the viewing angle is limited. This reduces the image quality when you sit on the side of the screen. You'll notice color distortions or a decreasing brightness. Only the 75 and 85-inch formats of the KD-XG9505 have the X-Wide Angle technology that improves the viewing angle. This is recommended when you often sit around the TV with a large group of people.

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