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My computer doesn't recognize my TomTom

You want to update your TomTom so you connect it to the computer. Then, nothing happens. Your computer doesn't recognize your TomTom, so it can't be updated. In this article, I explain what steps you should follow if you encounter this problem.

What should you do if your computer does not recognize your TomTom?

  • First of all, it is important that the MyDrive Connect program is installed on your computer. With this program, you perform updates, among other things. You can read how to install TomTom MyDrive Connect on your computer in the following article: How do you install TomTom MyDrive Connect?

  • Try a different USB port. It is important that you connect your TomTom directly to a USB port on your computer. So do not connect your TomTom to, for example, a USB hub that is connected to your computer. Always use the original USB cable that comes with your TomTom. Other cables can cause problems with the connection. To exclude that the supplied cable has a defect, connect it (if possible) with another TomTom. Check if the cable works.

  • Have you tried everything and your TomTom is still not recognized by the computer? Then try a reset. You can read how to perform a reset in the following article: How do I reset my TomTom navigation device?

  • If your TomTom is not recognized by your computer, this may be due to the software and / or driver of your computer. Make sure the software and drivers of your computer are up to date. There are regular software updates for the operating system (for example, Windows or Mac) that you use. Always install these updates. Normally, downloading and installing a driver is automatic. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that this driver is not automatically linked to your TomTom. And then a device that you connect to your computer (such as your TomTom) is not recognized. Follow the following steps if you want to know how to manually connect the driver to your TomTom (on Windows):

  1. Right-click on "Computer" or "My Computer" and then select "Manage."

  2. Now choose "Device Manager" and then choose "Network Adapters."

  3. Select your TomTom and the driver will be linked. If your TomTom is not listed under "Network adapters," it may be listed under "Other devices."

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