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What should I keep in mind when connecting my router?

Are you planning to replace your router? Or do you want to expand your internet provider's modem/router with your own powerful router? In this article, I'll explain what you should pay attention to when replacing your router.

Bridge mode

With most internet providers, you receive a modem/router to set up a (WiFi) network in your home. Before you connect your router to your provider's modem with router function, you must put the modem/router in bridge mode. This disables the router function. To understand why that's necessary, it's useful to know the difference between a modem and a router.

1. The modem translates

The internet enters your home via a modem. The modem translates the analog signal of your cable provider to a digital signal that your computer understands. This gives you access to the internet. You usually only get 1 IP address from your provider. You can use this to bring one device online. To connect multiple devices to the internet, you need a router.

2. The router distributes

The router distributes internet traffic so that several devices can be online at the same time. The router's DHCP server assigns an IP address to each device, allowing you to send data to and from the device.

3. Bridge the router function of your modem

When you connect a router to your modem/router, 2 DHCP servers automatically get started with internet traffic. Compare it to a busy intersection with 2 traffic controllers that can't consult each other. The ingredients for complete chaos.

Because you don't want two captains on one ship, it's better to override one DHCP server. This is called the bridge mode. This turns off the router function of the modem/router. This way the device only transmits one IP address and you change it into a simple modem.


With some providers, it's not possible to turn on the bridge mode yourself. Contact your internet provider to learn how to set this function on your router.

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