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The dual camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung smartphone with a dual camera, and we're going to have a close look at it. What extra functionality does a dual camera offer on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? These are all questions we'll answer in this article.

In short: the cameras on the Note 8

Camera 1 Camera 2 Front camera Explanation
Number of megapixels 12 12 8
Lens type Wide-angle lens Telephoto lens Standard lens
Aperture f/1.7 f/2.4 f/1.7

Dual camera: what's the advantage?

Beach photo wide-angle lens

There are different types of dual cameras, 3 versions of which occur most frequently. The first is a normal camera combined with a monochrome camera. The second is a normal camera combined with a wide-angle lens camera. The third is a standard lens combined with a telephoto lens camera. To put it shortly: the first variety ensures more detail in photos. The second allows you to capture a larger area. In both cases, the camera will catch more light, so the photos are more exposed. Dual cameras are generally better equipped for photography in darker circumstances.

The Note 8 dual camera

Dual camera Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a new combination of camera lenses: one telephoto lens camera and one wide-angle lens camera. This means you can optically zoom in twice. Optical zoom is zoom without loss of quality, contrary to digital zoom. Thanks to the wide-angle lens, you can also use the Note 8 to take photos of a wider area, like when you want to capture a beautiful view. Apart from that, the dual camera offers you the option of adding effects while taking pictures. By focusing on the subject, for example, which blurs out the background. This is also known as the Bokeh effect.

Optical image stabilization

Comparison photos optical image stabilization

Both cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 feature optical image stabilization. This has 2 big advantages. The first is that it compensates for movements you make while making a photo. This means you'll make considerably fewer blurry photos and videos. The second advantage is that the camera shutter can stay open longer thanks to optical image stabilization. This means the sensor will catch more light, which means you'll make photos with more exposure. In daylight, this means more detailed photos, while in a dark environment the photo will show more than a photo without optical image stabilization. In short, when it comes to low-light photography, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best smartphones.

What else can I do with the camera?

S8 live focus banjo

Apart from the increased photo quality thanks to the dual camera, Samsung has provided the camera app with a few fun extras. For example, you can add funny stickers to the photos you take, like you can in apps like Snapchat. Other than that, organizing your photos and screenshots is a lot easier and smarter. You can subdivide photos into logical categories, so you can easily find them back and share them with friends. the gallery also scans your photos and shows you related images. Ever make screenshots of webpages? The Note 8 offers you the option of visiting the website via the screenshot.


Photography-wise, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best smartphone Samsung has made so far. The fact that both cameras of the Note 8 feature optical image stabilization is unique. This really improves the quality of the photos. Of course, I'm drawing this conclusion based on the specifications on paper. If it's actually as good in use will become clear in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 expert review.

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