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Expert review of the AEG L6FB86BGP1

I don't always get my washing machine full, because I regularly have less laundry than the maximum load. The AEG L6FB86BGP1 has a solution for this. The ProSense load sensor weighs the amount of washing in the drum and adjusts the program duration accordingly. This made me economical anyway. In this review you can read what I think of this washing machine.

In short

8kg load capacity | 1600RPM I C energy label | Build-quality: mid-range
temporarily sold out
  • The ProSense sensor adjusts the program duration to the amount of washing.
  • The detergent drawer rinses itself clean.
  • With the anti-allergy program I was able to clean towels hygienically.
  • No steam function to smooth out my clothes.
  • The detergent drawer opens stiffly due to the novelty.

First impression

Load the washing into the washing machine

The washing machine has a well-arranged display with 10 different washing programs. One of these is the anti-allergy program. Fortunately, as far as I know, I am not allergic to anything. Yet I am immediately curious. Unlike somewhat more expensive AEG models, this washing machine has no steam function for fewer creases. That is ironing so. I also see ProSense Technology on the detergent drawer. I would like to know more about this, since all AEG washing machines have this.

Suitable for small laundry

Washing machine drum

The drum has room for the laundry of 3 or 4 people, but I can't get it full. The ProSense load sensor has a good solution for this. The sensor adjusts the program duration to the amount of laundry. Handy, because I regularly wash small laundry at home. Especially when I don't feel like waiting until the laundry basket is full. I am happy with the ProSense technology; this means that the program does not last longer than necessary and I save energy.

Stiff detergent drawer

Detergent drawer

When opening the detergent drawer I notice that this is a bit rough. Possibly this is due to the novelty. On the left is a recess for the main wash, on the right for the prewash. The opening with the flower is for fabric softener. Conveniently, the detergent drawer is self-cleaning. I see that the drawer is completely clean; it only contains a few drops of water. The drawer rinses clean after every wash, leaving no soap residue. This way the soap dish stays fresh and so does my clothing.

Extra rinse against allergy

Anti-allergy program

The anti-allergy program continues to attract attention. I read that this is suitable for when you have an allergy to, for example, animal hair, pollen or house dust mites. The program washes clean at 60 ℃, of which a few minutes at 62 ℃. This kills all bacteria in your laundry. Because of the extra rinsing, allergens disappear from your clothing and no soap residue remains. I have no allergies, but I would use this for spotless towels and bedding that is allowed at 60 ℃.

SoftPlus for soft laundry

AEG washing machine

Now I am curious about the SoftPlus button. In the manual I read that the washing machine spreads the fabric softener better, so that your clothes come out of the drum extra soft. You use this option in a program for cotton, synthetics, delicate wax, anti-allergy and jeans. The disadvantage is that extra minutes are added. After the cotton program, I remove my clothes from the drum. The laundry is soft, but I don't notice a difference.


8kg load capacity | 1600RPM I C energy label | Build-quality: mid-range
temporarily sold out

Time to take stock. The AEG L6FB86BGP1 washes energy-efficiently through the ProSense load sensor; a big plus. The drum is large enough for the laundry of 3 or 4 people. Unlike slightly more expensive AEG models, this device has no steam function. Because of this I spend longer ironing. I find the programs useful. Although I have no allergies, I can use the anti-allergy program for my bedding. All in all I am very pleased with the price-quality ratio.

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