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Expert review of the Bose QuietControl 30

Yes! The time has come: I can test the Bose QuietControl 30 earplugs. I myself have the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones, so the expectations are high. Will the noise canceling of the earplugs muffle as much ambient noise as those of the headphones? In addition, I am curious about the sound, wearing comfort, operation and the Bose Connect smartphone app. Scroll down quickly to read my findings.

In short

  • Ambient noise is considerably dampened by the noise canceling.
  • You decide the amount of damping.
  • The earplugs have a balanced sound.
  • The earbuds are very comfortable.
  • The neckband is not flexible.
  • De Bose Connect smartphone app adds little.

First impression

Bose QuietControl 30

On the back and inside of the package are the main features of the earplugs. I read that the noise canceling is adjustable, that the earphones have Bluetooth and NFC and that the battery lasts for 10 hours. For more information about how the earplugs work, consult the manual provided. In addition, there are 3 sizes of caps and earclips and you get a micro USB charging cable and hard protective case. The ears themselves feel pretty heavy through the neckband. Moreover, it is not flexible, but hard. Because of this I doubt whether the earplugs will sit nicely.

Specifications highlighted: noise canceling

Earbuds public transport

Beforehand I was a bit skeptical about noise canceling earbuds, but it really surprised me. The noise canceling of the Bose QuietControl 30 earphones is certainly not inferior to the noise canceling of the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones. In the office, the sound of talking colleagues was muffled, allowing me to concentrate better. On the way home I did not suffer from the noise of the raging train. Moreover, I did not experience a feeling of pressure on my ears, which I sometimes have with the Bose headphones after a long listening session.

Specifications highlighted: sound

Neckband earbuds

The sound of QuietControl 30 sounds balanced. High and low tones are given the same amount of attention and the bass is, unlike some other earplugs, not boosted. Also high tones do not sound harsh. This ensures a relaxed listening experience. I can effortlessly listen to music for 6 hours in a row, while in models with a powerful bass sound it is often less pleasant.

Specifications highlighted: carrying comfort

Earbuds side

When I put the earplugs in, they were immediately cast. It almost felt as if I had my custom-made hearing protection earplugs. I have never had music earplugs that were so comfortable. Thanks to the 3 sizes of caps and clips, there is a good fit for everyone. The clips ensure that the ears do not fall out, although I think it would have been fine without clips. After all, they are not sports earplugs with which you will run and jump. The neckband could have been more flexible. The neck band is also heavy, you can not feel happy when you wear the earplugs.

Highlighted specifications: controls

Control buttons earbuds

In the cable is a remote control that lets you control the music and determines the amount of noise canceling. Use the arrows on the side of the remote control to raise or lower the noise canceling. To determine what you like, you can best test this without music. Then you immediately notice the difference. With the buttons on top of the remote control you determine the volume of the music, switch between songs, pause the music and record incoming telephone calls. Thanks to the integrated microphone you can call hands free.

Specifications highlighted: smartphone app

Bose Connect app

With the free Bose Connect app you have access to extras. This way you adjust the noise canceling, you see the battery status of the ears, switch easily between your devices and you get tips on how to wear the ears for example. I find the app add little. You can also set the amount of noise canceling on the earplugs themselves. The other features are fun, but not indispensable. As far as I'm concerned, the app is not an extension of the ears, as the CapTune app from Sennheiser does. In this app you personalize your music by playing with graphs, effects and equalizers.


My expectations were high, but Bose has made it happen. I would like to have the earplugs myself. The ambient noise is dampened very well, the soft plugs are very comfortable and the sound is balanced. In addition, it is useful that you can determine the strength of the noise canceling yourself. The Bose Connect smartphone app is according to Bose itself "an app that can make the difference", but I think the possibilities are limited. Fortunately, the earplugs do not need extra features, they are perfect of themselves.

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