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Expert review of the Canon EOS 200D

The Canon EOS 200D, thanks to its small size and light weight, would be ideal for photographers who prefer something more compact. In this review I take a closer look at the Canon 200D. I pay attention to the compact body, the ease of use and other functionalities.

Small body

Few buttons

** You supply the buttons **

Of you make everyone happy with this device? No, but the compactness of this camera offers a solution for travelers and vloggers who do not feel like carrying a large camera. The performance of the device is just as good as other EOS models, but you deliver on the buttons. This will require you to enter the menu to adjust your settings, which takes longer.


EF and EF S setting

** Ideal for pancake lenses **

The camera is smaller than all other cameras in EOS series, but that does not mean that the lens mount is also smaller. All Canon EF / EF-S lenses fit on this small device. Although you may wonder whether you should place a large zoom or telephoto lens on this small device. My advice is to combine the camera with pancake lenses, so that you retain the advantage of compactness and light weight.

The controls


** Just as intuitive as your smartphone **

You control the camera via the tilting touch screen. This functionality is not new, of course. Although it is unique for such a small camera. The tiltable screen in combination with the compact body makes the camera suitable for vloggers. You film yourself easily by turning the screen 180 degrees. Smartphone users, like me, will be happy with the user-friendly touchscreen that looks a lot like your smartphone.

The visual guide

Visual guide

** Taking pictures without a course **

Do you have any experience with photography yet? No worries, because with the visual guide of the 200D a child can do the laundry. In this way I get help in setting up the camera in every position (automatic or not). Besides the fact that everything is explained very clearly and you even get tips, I also immediately see the effect on the LCD screen when I adjust the aperture for example. Have you mastered everything? Then you just turn off the visual guide.

Wifi and bluetooth function

Connect to Wi-Fi

** Transfer photos wirelessly to your smartphone **

The wifi and bluetooth function are ideal for travelers and vloggers who want to transfer their photos wirelessly to their smartphone or tablet. It is even possible to control the camera from a distance with the free Canon Camera Connect app. Connecting the camera to your smartphone requires some practice. So you first have to connect your smartphone to the wifi signal from your camera. Once you are connected, everything runs smoothly.


** Accessible camera for vloggers **

Al in all I am very pleased with the Canon 200D. The camera is light and compact so you do not have to worry about taking the device with you. In combination with the tiltable touchscreen, it is an accessible camera for vloggers, travelers and photographers who are on the road a lot. Only side note of the small size is that you hand in the number of buttons.

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