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Expert review of the Canon PowerShot SX730HS

The Canon PowerShot is described as a compact all-rounder. I took the test and went on the road with the camera. Which sides can you do with the device? The zoom option was something I definitely wanted to test, just like the self-service function. In this article you can read about my findings.

In short

  • 20.3-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 40x optical zoom
  • WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth
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  • The 40x optical zoom gets close to nearby subjects.
  • Focusing after zooming becomes easier with the Zoom Framing Assistant.
  • The self-portrait mode makes the camera great selfies and vlogs.
  • The camera offers many options for creating creative images.
  • Various video functions are available in movie mode.
  • The device is on the heavy side for a compact camera.
  • The Zoom Framing Assistant works less well.

First impression

For a compact camera, the Canon PowerShot SX730HS is not very light. I expected that the device would be less heavy. The camera owes its weight to the design. The device is not very slim, I even find it in terms of construction on the thick side. I am curious about the possibilities of the camera. The model is known for its zoom function, I am going to test it. Just like the selfie stand, which I immediately recognize on the mode button.

Zoom in

Zoom in

** Helpful help function for focusing when zooming **

With the 40x optical zoom, I zoom in far on distant subjects. Although I did not expect it, the images became sharp when I zoomed in completely. The Zoom Framing Assistant helped me with focusing when zooming. The device automatically searches for faces in this mode where it can focus on. This function only worked outside with me, inside the camera had insufficient light to see the faces.

Selfie function

Making selfies with the self-function

** Creating a smoother skin for beautiful selfies and vlogs **

The self-portrait mode I used to make selfies. The screen I flipped up above so that I could see myself. In this mode I was able to adjust the brightness of the image. I could also adjust the intensity of the smooth skin effect. With a maximum effect, my face became completely smooth. That's how I made selfies of great quality. This function is also very suitable for creating vlogs. Even on bad days your skin looks good.

Creative recordings

Creative effects

** Take more photos at the same time with various effects **

The camera has a function that I use to create creative effects. I had the choice of various options, such as the old photo effect, colorful effects and a selection of all effects. In this mode, the camera took a number of photos in succession in different variants. Between the results were images that had been cut out by the camera itself and were strangely framed. I was more enthusiastic about the photos with a cool color effect.


Filming with different movie options

** Create different kinds of videos **

To make videos I could choose from different movie options. So I had the choice of an accelerated or delayed recording and a movie in which 1 movement was repeated. Besides the film mode I made a kind of slide show with the 'Hybrid automatic' mode. With this I added recordings of the same date or recordings with only people in the main role. Although I did not use this, this feature seems useful to those who do not want to do this later on the computer.


Although I did not think the camera was attractive at first, the device surprised me a lot. With the super zoom I got the subjects that were far away close to losing without sharpness. The Zoom Framing Assistant made it easy to focus on the right subjects. But the device also surprised me with its self-function and the creative filter and film options. Making beautiful selfies was child's play. Just like shooting colorful photos and special videos.

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