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Expert review: Delsey Pluggage smart suitcase

The Delsey Pluggage is a suitcase that weighs its contents before you leave, can be locked with a fingerprint, and lets you know when its on the baggage carousel. I've tested extensively if these features are really as cool as they sound, and whether they work properly. Curious? Keep reading!

In short

Contents of 64 liters | Weight of 4.4 kg | For 1 to 2 weeks of vacation
no longer available
  • You can open the suitcase with your fingerprint, the Pluggage app, and the number lock.
  • Integrated scale, so you can weigh your baggage before you leave.
  • Integrated USB port to charge your electronics anywhere you go.
  • Notification on your phone when your suitcase is on the baggage carousel.
  • Notification on your phone when the suitcase enters the plane.
  • International baggage tracking requires a different app, which takes some effort to install, and doesn't work everywhere in the world.
  • The suitcase lacks an integrated power bank, so you have to purchase that separately.
  • The Pluggage only comes in 1 color.

First impression

First impression suitcase

The suitcase arrives, and my first impression after removing it from the box is: what luxury! You immediately see (and feel) the difference between this suitcase and other, less expensive models. The double zippers are a good example. They're great for extra safety and water resistance. I spin the suitcase around a few times and notice how smoothly that goes. I quickly see why: 4 double wheels that can turn 360 degrees. The interior also looks neatly finished. I love that it has a nice, sturdy lining and a lot of zipper compartments to neatly store your baggage. It even includes a clothing and shoe bag. I also see the white tracker and batteries. I think I'll be needing those later. Finally, I download the Pluggage app on my phone and just play around with it like with any new app. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that 1 click in the app opens the suitcase. How cool is that?

Specifications explained

It's pretty clear that the French Delsey brand has released another gem. It's not just the double zippers and double wheels that contribute to that, though. I'm especially curious about the smart features. Under the headers below, I'll gladly explain what those features mean and what my first experiences with them are.

Opening it with your fingerprint

Open suitcase with fingerprint

The first feature I wanted to test was opening the suitcase with my fingerprint. It didn't take long to set. After placing the batteries (which I found earlier) in the little box on the suitcase's interior, I slid the protective square of the fingerprint open. I pressed the white button on the inside of the suitcase and placed my finger on the designated square. When the light stays white, your fingerprint is registered. The suitcase can take up to 30 fingerprints. That's useful for a friend, or the whole family. Besides opening the suitcase with the app or your fingerprint, you can also use the regular number lock.

Note: make sure to place your finger gently on the square, without pressing too hard. Otherwise, the suitcase won't read it.

Following your suitcase's location

Track location of suitcase

The Pluggage also features a GPS tracker, so you can follow your suitcase anywhere, from airport to airport or from city to city, for example. You'll be able to ensure that your baggage is safe. Before you can use the location function, you do need to download a different app first. You can then see your suitcase's location on the app via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, it doesn't work everywhere in the world, such as in many parts of Asia.

The Pluggage app also gives you the option of receiving notifications via Bluetooth, like when the suitcase is more than 3 meters away from you (carousel mode) or less than 3 meters away from you (alert mode). It's super safe and especially useful for when you want to know if your suitcase is already placed on the baggage carousel.

No more extra baggage costs

Luggage fees

On to the scale, which is integrated into the suitcase. I put some clothes in it to see if the scale actually works. I then press the scale's 'on' switch. As soon as it indicates 0 kilograms, I lift the suitcase using the side handle. The suitcase indicates that it's 7 kilograms. I also receive a notification on the mobile app. I'm glad, because it allows me to instantly check if the suitcase's weight meets the airline company's requirements.

Never without power

Charge battery suitcase

I'm often left with an empty phone before even taking off. I need my music, though. That's why an integrated USB port to charge your phone and tablet anywhere sounds ideal. I quickly try it out. I used my own power bank, since it's not included. Once you connect the power bank to the loose-hanging USB cable (inside the suitcase), you'll be able to recharge your phone with the charging cable on the outside of the suitcase.


Recognizing your fingerprint, tracking via Bluetooth, and the integrated scale and USB port: they're all super awesome features that work well with a smart suitcase. In addition, the whole suitcase is high quality and will probably last for years. I was disappointed that you can't track the suitcase everywhere in the world, though. You'd expect to be able to do that, considering what you pay for it. You can't choose any colors either, but you can choose between 3 different sizes, including small carry-on luggage, medium sized, and large. Who knows what the next Pluggage will bring us...

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