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Expert review: Google WiFi

If you live in a single-family home, you know it: places in your house where your wireless reception or the speed of your network is disappointing. If you watch an exciting movie in the bedroom, then Netflix has to be buffered every so often. Or you have to reopen a website three times before it is properly loaded. My parents also suffer from that. The Google Wifi Triple Pack should be the solution for these WiFi problems. By distributing the stations of this Multiroom Wi-Fi system over the house, you create one large WiFi network with fast internet everywhere. I'm curious if this is true and tested the Google Wifi in the single-family home (128 square meters) of my parents.

In short

  • Multi-room WiFi with mesh
  • WiFi speed: 300 + 866
  • Parental controls, beamforming
in stock
  • Fast and stable wireless internet throughout the house.
  • You install Google Wifi quickly via the simple app.
  • Google Wifi is easy to expand.
  • You do not have to pull any more cables.
  • For large houses you need an extra wifi point.

Out of the box

Google Wifi in the box

The 3 Google Wifi stations are packed in a very wide box, the side immediately makes clear why the box is so wide: the stations are next to each other. That will be confirmed as soon as you open the box. The Google Wifi stations have a cylinder shape. About the size of a cake board but just as high as a soda can. The devices have a fairly neutral housing and will not stand in the way of most interiors. Below the stations we find the very concise manual, 3 power adapters and a flat network cable. With the latter you connect the main station to the modem of your provider. Although the Google Wifi points seem suitable to attach to the wall or ceiling, given their size, this is not possible. You place them on a cupboard, desk or on the floor.

Current situation

Internet offline

My parents live in a typical terraced house from the late 70s. That means: thick walls and ceilings. The modem of the provider, who now provides the Wi-Fi, is on the ground floor at the telephone connection. Not surprisingly, that the internet in the bedroom (one floor higher on the other side of the house) is already very unstable. Although the signal seems right there and the maximum speed with 62 Mbps is also okay, that is just a glimpse. Due to all sorts of disruptions, the signal often falls away or the throughput speed drops so that the Internet is impossible. Let alone a series of streaming or video calling. It is completely sad in the attic. There it is mainly waiting, or switching to 4G.


Install Wi-Fi

To install the mesh system, connect the first point and install the Google app. The app immediately recognizes which Google account the wifi network should be connected to and after a few seconds automatically sees the first Google Wifi point. I can set a network name, specify a password and indicate where the first point will be placed. After scanning a qr code on the back of the base station, the installation is complete. I can already use the internet via Google Wifi, but decide to set the other two points first, so you set up a Wi-Fi mesh network. The Google app, unlike some other Multiroom Wi-Fi systems, does not indicate where I can best place it. However, I get the tip to do that up to 2 rooms away. I therefore place the second station one floor higher, in the guest room. The third comes in the attic. Installing these points is also easy.

In practice

Google wifi in practice

Now that the 3 stations of Google Wifi have been installed, I can really start testing. We start in the living room, where the internet is already good. The download speed has therefore not changed. On to the first floor: video streams now regularly drop out in the bedroom. Also streaming a movie in Full HD now goes without problems and without further failure. The real challenge is the attic, since normal internet was not possible. This has been solved with Google Wifi. The internet is fast and stable, so watching a movie is not a problem here. Not even when people are streaming on the other floors. Walking through the house while I have a Spotify stream is not a problem. My phone automatically connects to the strongest point.

Speed ​​test

Google wifi speed test

I am also curious about the download speed of Google Wifi. Is the Internet on the first and second floor now only more stable or really faster? To find out, I tested the speed in 4 rooms by downloading a large file on my iPad. The maximum speed therefore not only says something about the router of Google, but also about the internet speed. \ N \ nWhat is immediately clear is that the modem from my parents' Internet provider always gives in a bit of speed. This is not the case with Google Wifi. Even in the living room, where the signal strength of the WiFi mesh router is noticeably less. The bedroom, where there is no Google Wifi point, shows that the wireless network of Google also goes fine through thick walls.

Modem from provider Google Wifi
Living room 100Mbps 100Mbps
Guest room 75 Mbps 100Mbps
Bedroom 62 Mbps 85Mbps
Attic 35 Mbps 93 Mbps


My parents' Wi-Fi network was slow on the first floor and attic, but mostly unstable. My mother was ready that a movie or series in the bedroom often had to be buffered. That problem is over with the Google Wifi. Moreover, the Google Wifi is easy to install and you can easily give priority to devices or set a child lock via the app. The range is sufficient for a very average terraced house and even reaches into the back garden. You do notice in rooms that are further away from the wifi points, that the signal strength decreases rapidly. So in a larger house you will probably need a fourth or even fifth point. Fortunately, the Multiroom wifi system is easy to expand.

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