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Expert review of the GoPro Karma Grip

Finally the time has come, I can test the GoPro Karma Grip. I have heard and read a lot about it so my expectations are high. The gimbal comes with a harness for the HERO 5. Together they have to provide vibration-free and stable images. Let's see if the gimbal and the result of the images meet my expectations.

In short

Coolblue's Choice
Suitable for: GoPro HERO 7, 6, 5, and 4 | Maximum camera weight capacity: 0.200kg | Weight 0.490kg
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** Pros **

  • The gimbal is easy to operate with just 4 buttons.
  • The highlight button highlights all the highlights while filming.
  • The battery level can be read from the grip at a glance.
  • With the fastening ring you attach the grip to your bag or other objects.

** Cons **

  • The screen of the action camera is not clearly visible icm the grip.
  • The gimbal is not resistant to water.
  • The supplied harness is only suitable for the GoPro HERO 5.
  • The camera does not automatically switch off when you release the grip.


Operation with buttons

I can be very brief about the ministry; the Karma Grip can easily be operated with 4 buttons. The recording and on / off button speak for themselves and work as expected. The gimbal has a handy highlight button that highlights highlights during filming. The purpose of this button became clear to me during editing of the video. Highlights in the recordings are immediately visible and that works efficiently. I also like the lock button. This locks the tilt range of the HERO 5. Nice for variety.


View of the screen

Because of the professional appearance the grip has exceeded my expectations when it comes to ease of use. The control panel is so easy to use that you can not easily do something wrong. I experienced some nuisance when I wanted to watch the screen of my action camera while filming. The grip deprives part of the view of the camera's screen. Fortunately, this can be solved by using the Capture app, with which your smartphone functions as a screen. If the grip is off, it will go in all directions. A lock would therefore not be a luxury.

Image quality


I am very pleased with the result of the images. As you can see in the video, my dog ​​does not stand still. What you do not see is that I continuously follow her. Despite these 2 crucial factors, the images remain stable and fluid. Top! I am less enthusiastic about the sound of the recordings. The microphones are covered somewhat by the harness and you can hear that when you play the video. The sound is a bit dull and that is a shame.

GoPro Capture and GoPro Quik app

GoPro Capture app

After testing the Karma Grip on my dog, who thought it more interesting than expected, I transferred the footage to my smartphone with the Capture app. Connecting your smartphone via WiFi or bluetooth is fast and easy. With the app you cut photos and short pieces of video from your film material. You share the images easily via social media. The Quik editing app is absolutely of added value when, like me, you want to edit the video.

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Manon Video Camera Expert.

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