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Expert review of the Jaybird Freedom

The Jaybird Freedom are sweat-resistant sports earphones that allow you to stream music via Bluetooth. This gives you all the freedom of movement during exercise. With the included portable charger you charge the earplugs while you are training. I take the test and test the earplugs. I pay attention to the sound, wearing comfort and unique features such as the power bank.

Sports earbuds

Unfortunately, the Jaybird Freedom Wireless BT is no longer available. We do have plenty of other sports earbuds for you. Click on the blue bar below for all sports earbuds.

First impression

The outside of the box looks like the packaging of every other sports earpiece; nothing special. Yet I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the content. Compared to other sport earplugs you get a lot of accessories with the Jaybird Freedom. This way you get multiple sizes of caps and earclips. There is also a micro USB charging cable, cable clip, storage case and manual. Unique in the box is the compact, portable charger. If the charger is clicked on the remote control, the earbuds feel heavy. I'm curious if you suffer from this during exercise.

Specifications highlighted: sound

Jaybird sound

Jaybird has managed to package a great sound in the compact Freedom earbuds. You do not have to turn up the volume to hear the sound properly. This reduces the risk of hearing damage. If you want to make the sound harder, you can use the remote control in the cable. No matter how loud the sound is, it still sounds nice. The in-ear earplugs shut out ambient noise very well. On the one hand, I like this, because you are completely absorbed in your music. On the other hand, this is also dangerous, because I did not hear any traffic while I was running.

Specifications highlighted: carrying comfort

Comfort comfort Jaybird

The earphones come with a portable charger that you click on the remote control. This provides 4 hours of battery, on top of the 4 hours of battery life that the earbuds already have. You can charge and listen to music at the same time, that's handy. I find it awkward that you can only charge the earbuds with the charger on it. The micro USB port is in fact on the portable charger and not on the remote control as with most sports earphones. If you have lost the charger, you can no longer use the earplugs.

Specifications highlighted: smartphone app

Smartphone app Jaybird

With the MySound smartphone app from Jaybird you can customize the sound. By means of equalizers you determine the amount of bass, treble and midtones yourself. Then create a profile and save these settings. Regardless of which smartphone you are connected to, you will hear the sound as you have set it up. If you need inspiration you can select presets, such as "Bring the bass", "Movie mode" or "Warmth". Presets of artists and athletes are also available. The equalizers work with streaming services such as Spotify. Download the app for free in Google Play or the App Store.

Specifications highlighted: included accessories

Accessories Jaybird

As said, you get a wide range of accessories with the earplugs. And this is also necessary. In order to be able to close off the ambient noise, it is important that you wear the right size of caps. In addition, you must wear the right size earclips, otherwise the earplugs are not good or they fall out. With the cable clip you attach the cord to your shirt or cardigan. I did not use it because I did not suffer from the cord. In the case you can neatly store all accessories. The manual is in English, but easy to understand thanks to the visual instructions.

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