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Expert review of the JBL Reflect Mini BT

The JBL Reflect Mini BT are Bluetooth sport earplugs with a splash-proof housing. They have a battery life of 8 hours, come with different sizes of caps and clips and have a reflective cable. On paper the perfect caps for sports. But how are they in practice? Shortly through the bend I find everything perfect, except the sound. There should have been a little more emphasis on the bass. Read my experiences below.

In short

In ear with ear hook | Bluetooth | For sports
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  • The earbuds have a battery life of 8 hours.
  • Thanks to the reflective cable, you can also work safely in the dark.
  • The earbuds are good and do not fall out.
  • The buttons react quickly, making the caps easy to operate.
  • Different sizes of caps and clips are included.
  • There is little bass audible in the music.
  • The controls are on the left, which is impractical for right-handed people.

First impression

First impression JBL Reflect Mini BT

With in-ear earphones you get a micro USB charging cable, a quick guide, 2 sizes of standard caps and 2 sizes of ergonomic caps. In addition, there are 2 ear clips. On the packaging I read that they are splash-proof. The earplugs feel light and have a reflective cable. Not many sport earplugs have a reflective cable, while this is actually very important. It ensures that you are clearly visible to traffic if you go out for sports in the evening. My first impression is positive!

Specifications highlighted: sound


I own a strong bass sound in the music, but I miss that a bit with the JBL earplugs. The sound is clear and not necessarily ugly, but the emphasis in the sound is mainly on the high tones. Because of this I tend to put the music very hard to still hear a bit of bass. I'm used to a powerful bass sound from the JBL headphones, so I expected this with these ears too.

Highlighted specifications: battery life

Battery life

The battery of the Bluetooth earphones gives you 8 hours of listening pleasure. Compared with other sport earplugs, which usually last 6 hours, this is reasonably long. With the included micro usb cable you can charge the caps via your laptop, PC or a power adapter. After 2 hours of charging, the battery is 100% full again.

Specifications highlighted: Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connection

The Bluetooth connection between my smartphone and the earphones was remarkably quick. Where you bumble at most ears for the first time, the Reflect went lightning fast. I only had to hold the middle button of the remote control for a few seconds and he was already in pairing mode. On my smartphone, the earphones appeared directly in the Bluetooth menu.

Specifications highlighted: carrying comfort

Wearing comfort

Because the earplugs weigh only 48 grams and there is only a wire hanging in your neck, they are perfect for exercising. There is no wire in the road. The caps are perfect, although I had to try out the different sizes first. The earclips ensure that they do not fall out while moving. I find most sports earphones hurt, but these JBL ears are comfortable.

Highlighted specifications: controls


On the left side of the cable there is a 3 button remote control. This switches between songs, you determine the volume and you pause the music. You also take incoming calls with you. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can call hands-free. The buttons react quickly, making the earplugs easy to operate. However, I think it is as right-handedly impractical that the controls are on the left side.

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