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Expert review of the Olympus E-M10 Mark III

If you are looking for a versatile system camera, then you have a good one on the Olympus E-M10 Mark III. This camera does have a solution for almost every use situation. With this device in your pocket you do not need a photo course. I took the test and went to test it.

In short

16.1 megapixels, records 4K video | With WiFi, no NFC and Bluetooth | Including 14-42mm lens | Types of photography: nature, all-round, portrait
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  • The camera provides a clear explanation of the different modes.
  • Apply different editing filters while taking photos.
  • The large tilting screen gives clear images.
  • Choose from 121 focus points via the touchscreen.
  • The camera has various video modes.


  • All the possibilities make operating the camera complicated.
  • At an ISO value of 25600, the photos become grainy.

First impression

The camera looks stylish. The design is primarily reminiscent of a camera from the 1960s. When I picked up the camera for the first time, I found it heavier than expected. On the other hand, he was comfortable in the hand because of the rubber grip on the front and back. The control panel looks well-organized. Immediately it became clear which modes are on it: a number of manual and pre-programmed options.


Photo and video settings

** A wide range of photo and video techniques **

I took a while before I understood what I could do with which function. The camera has a wide range of photo and video techniques that you can apply. This makes the device quickly complicated. What helps is the clear explanation that the camera gives in all modes and scenes. The images in the options in the menu speak for themselves, prior knowledge of the photo techniques is not necessary. This makes this camera not only suitable for the advanced photographer.


Filters Olympus E-M10

** Directly adding and finishing filters **

The 'ART' option contains many different filters that the camera can place over the photos. Among other things, I had the choice of 3 vintage filters, filters with partial color appearing on the photo, character styles and various black and white effects. Photos get a special effect in an easy way. Post-processing of photos can be done directly through the camera, I did not have to do this later in an editing program.


Screen Olympus E-M10

** Choose from 121 focal points via large touchscreen ** \ n \ nThe screen of this camera is large and provides clear images. I saw how the photo came out. The result of the filters was immediately visible. The tiltable screen is very useful for taking pictures from below or above. This is especially nice if you want to photograph above a crowd. Via the touchscreen I could quickly change settings or change the focus point. I had the choice of no less than 121 focus points.


Olympus E-M10 video

** Many settings for video **

All filters on the camera can also be used to make videos. In addition, the camera has various settings especially for videos. Sharp and colorful videos can be made in 4K. It is also possible to record short clips and merge them into 1 video later. I particularly liked making slow motion videos. You record an action and the camera then plays it slowed down.


The camera has a lot of possibilities and is therefore very versatile. Although all functions are explained by the camera, the camera does not become more user-friendly due to the wide range. It takes some time to find out how everything works and which functions are used for. Once I realized this, I got a lot of fun from shooting with pre-programmed scenes and filters. The big screen with 121 focal points was also a real advantage of this camera.

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