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Expert review of the Pioneer XDJ-RX2

The Pioneer XDJ-RX2 is a DJ controller for DJs who are getting ready for performances in the clubs. You apply the skills you gain with this controller to the DJ sets that you will find in the club. Compared to its predecessor, the XDJ-RX, the XDJ-RX2 looks even more like a Pioneer DJ set. Read everything about the DJ controller in my review.

First impression

DJ controller

I lift the DJ controller out of the box and place it on the desk. What strikes me immediately is that the XDJ-RX2 has twice as many drum pads as its predecessor. I feel the buttons, faders and jog wheels. This is quality. Next to the color screen is a rotary knob with which you navigate through the menu. Previously it was between the equalizers. I think this is an improvement. I remove the power and USB cable from the box and connect the controller.

The lay-out

Apart from some minor changes, the XDJ-RX2 looks a lot like its predecessor. The layout feels familiar because the layout is the same as that of a Pioneer DJ set. I think the touch-sensitive color screen is a big plus. With the rotary knob next to the screen I navigate through my music collection. Can it be easier? Hell yes. I switch on the QWERTY keyboard and key in the name of an artist. Then I choose a number and load it on deck A.

Sound sources

One of the most important plus points for me is that the controller can also be used as a standalone. This means that you connect all kinds of sources to the controller. With many other DJ controllers you need a laptop to play with. This is not necessary with the XDJ-RX. Laptops, USB sticks, external hard drives, record players and CD players can be connected directly to the controller. I found that the built-in sound card clearly reflected the sound.


Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox Video are included with the XDJ-RX2. Before I start spinning, I first analyze my music collection with Rekordbox DJ. The music loads faster than before the analysis and I can now zoom in on the sound waves. I see exactly when a part with a lot of energy or a break is coming. Are you a VJ? Then Rekordbox Video is for you. With the VJ software you add visual material to your DJ set.


The XDJ-RX2 has 2 effect sections that are both slightly thinned compared to a Pioneer DJM-900 mixer. Is this bad? I do not think so. The most important effects are in my eyes. I play a song and test all effects. They sound good, but something strikes me. They are different from those of the XDJ-RX. There is now a dub echo effect. It sounds different from the echo and delay and is therefore a strong addition to the effects section.

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