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Expert review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones have been popular for years. After several plastic models, Samsung tried something new in 2015 with the S6; the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a stylish piece of technology made of glass and metal. The manufacturer is building on that success with the S7 and S7 Edge. Can the S7 live up to the hype?

In short

  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • 12-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization
  • Clear photos in low light
  • Expandable memory
  • Wireless charging
  • Samsung TouchWiz is a skin that not everybody loves
  • The operating system takes up a lot of storage space

Out of the box

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a beautiful phone that feels nice. Although some phones sacrifice design in order to be waterproof, that's certainly not the case for the S7 Edge. The phone has a convenient size and feels comfortable in my hand. The downside of the material (glass) is that the back is covered in fingerprints in no time. Luckily, it's easy to clean, for instance with lens wipes.

Specifications at a glance

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge software


The Galaxy S7 Edge is different from the regular S7 because of its screen size, but mostly because of its rounded edges. These edges offer extra options on the Edge version. Slide your finger outwards and you'll see the Edge menu. Here you can set up all kinds of useful shortcuts, such as contacts, calendar, or some other app. That's just an example of the many possibilities. The Edge definitely offers something extra compared to the regular S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof


Want to make calls in the rain? No problem. The phone is waterproof. So waterproof that you can even submerge it, in fact. Its waterproof certification is IP67. The 6 stands for the highest level of dustproofness and the 7 means waterproof down to a depth of 1 meter. In short, it's still not a good idea to drop it in the pool. A(n underwater) selfie in the tub, on the other hand, is no problem.

More specifications highlighted

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge wireless charging

Wireless charging

A wireless charger means no more hassle with cables and connectors. It might sound minor, but once you're used to the convenience of wireless charging, you'll never want to go back. Charging is pretty quick too. When I connected it to my computer, it charged the phone to 30% in an hour via USB. If you plug the wireless charger in a socket, it's even faster. In half an hour, your battery will be charge 50%.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge excels when it comes to the camera. Its large number of pixels, big aperture, and optical image stabilization mean that this 12-megapixel camera takes clear pictures even in low light. In fact, no other phone introduced before the Galaxy S7 Edge takes such good photos at so little light. When there is (day)light, the performance is excellent too. In terms of its number of megapixels, the S7 has less than the S6 (Edge), but the photo quality has improved.

Sample photos


When it came out, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was one of the best smartphones available, if not the best. The camera is the S7 Edge's best feature, closely followed by the design, the fact that it's dustproof and waterproof, and wireless charging. The Quad HD screen is a feast for the eyes and the 3,600mAh battery keeps your phone going all day long. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is king in smartphone land.

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