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Expert review of the Sony KD-65AF8

The Sony KD-65AF8 is the flagship of Sony this year. This OLED television is similar in image and sound performance to the A1 version of last year. You see the difference mainly in appearance, which is a lot more traditional. Because I was very enthusiastic about the A1, I wonder if this television is just as well appreciated.

In short

4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart tv: Android | 100Hz
no longer available
  • The OLED technology means that black images are truly black.
  • The Acoustic Surface technology delivers realistic stereo sound.
  • The minimalist design only allows me to see the screen when I'm sitting in front of the TV.
  • This TV fits more easily on a narrow piece of furniture then the A1.
  • In illuminated rooms I see a lot of reflection.
  • The remote control is quite large and cluttered.

First impression

First impression Sony KD-65AF8

As a lover of minimalism, I am immediately enthusiastic about the KD-65AF8. The edge of this television is not even an inch thick, so almost only the screen is visible. Compared to the A1 version, the design is different. For example, the standard is traded in at the back for a traditional foot. Apart from a remote control, no accessories are included.

Realistic colors with deep black values

Sony KD-65AF8 colors

For this test I view the 4K Blu-ray from Blade Runner 2049. From the opening scene I am impressed by the deep black values. The white introductory text comes out clearly, while the rest of the screen appears to be out. This is because the pixels disable themselves on the black areas. Thanks to the high-contrast HDR reproduction, bright colors are clearly visible in the greyish atmosphere of the film. In addition to bright colors, subtle skin tones are also shown faithfully.

Wide viewing angle, but sensitive to reflection

Sony KD-65AF8 viewing angle

When I walk to the side of the television, I hardly see distortion in the picture. This creates minimal contrast or color loss. I am happy with that, because I am never right in front of the screen due to my furniture setup. From the side I have more problems with annoying reflections. Especially the black parts of the screen work have a reflective effect. Here I suffer less from darkened rooms.

Minimalistic design

Sony KD-65AF8 design

While the A1 version stands as a photo frame against a standard, the AF8 has a traditional foot. This looks less futuristic, but is more practical. This way, this television fits on a narrow piece of furniture. The connections at the back are concealed behind handy cover plates. This neat way of working contributes to the minimalist appearance. Thanks to the thin edge and the flat foot, almost only the screen is visible. I notice that I quickly get caught up in the action.

Realistic stereo sound with a deep bass

Sony KD-65AF8 sound

A unique feature of this OLED TV is the Acoustic Surface technology. Simply said, the screen produces sound by vibrating invisibly. The advantage over other TVs is that the sound comes directly from the screen. This results in a realistic stereo reproduction. Voices seem to come out of the mouths of the actors, instead of speakers on the side. The subwoofer completes the sound system. Especially during an action scene the bass tones make a strong impact.

Pretty big remote control


The remote control is quite large, but it feels light. The design forms one whole with the keys. I find that a plus point, because in this way there is no dirt. Striking are the 2 colored Netflix and Google Play buttons. As a Netflix subscriber I find the first button a handy addition. This opens the app without scrolling through menus. I never use Google Play. That is why I regret that the corresponding button is so prominent.

User-friendly smart menu

Smart menu

The Android operating system provides a pleasant user experience. With one press of the Home button I open the menu. Below are rows of recommendations, apps, games, connected devices and settings. Selected apps like YouTube open almost immediately. In this way I quickly switch between different apps, without having to wait for load times. The icons on the menu are quite large. If these were slightly smaller, I would have had a better overview of all options.


4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart tv: Android | 100Hz
no longer available

If I ever go and buy an OLED TV, I see the KD-65AF8 as a serious option. This television excels in producing deep black values ​​and a realistic color reproduction. It is important that this image quality is hardly affected if I sit on the side of the screen. A welcome addition is the Acoustic Surface technology, which produces a realistic sound together with the subwoofer. Of course, a home cinema set sounds better, but for an average soundbar the sound system does not.

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