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Expert review of the Sony KD-XG9505

The KD-XG9505 is Sony's best 4K LED TV from 2019. This model is equipped with the X1 Ultimate processor, which provides a detailed image display and a wide color range. Combined with the deep black levels of the full array local dimming technology, the TV must create a powerful contrast. I'll try it out and test the 65-inch model.

The Sony KD-XG9505

4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart tv: Android | 100Hz
no longer available
  • The TV provides a strong contrast with realistic color and skin tones.
  • Even the most fast-paced actions are shown smoothly and clearly.
  • The improved remote control and smart options are extra user-friendly.
  • The 55 and 65-inch size have a limited viewing angle.

First impression

Sony KD-XG9505 first impression

The dark metal design and the futuristically designed stands give the TV a modern look. I think it's useful that the stands don't consist of all sorts of loose parts. This makes assembly a matter of clicking and screwing. After the TV is up on its feet, I go through the simple installation menu. The TV is ready for use within 5 minutes. Want to use the Google Assistant function? Then set the language to English.

Realistic and smooth image display

Sony KD-XG9505 Image quality

The X1 Ultimate processor delivers powerful image processing. For example, while viewing SDR images, I hardly have any problems with noise or image errors. The screen brightness is high enough for a true-to-life reproduction of an HDR image such as Dolby Vision. It's especially striking how realistic subtle color and skin tones are displayed. The X-Motion Clarity technology provides an impressive motion sharpness. A leopard running towards a prey is shown fluently and clearly.

Strong contrast because of local dimming

Sony KD-XG9505 local dimming

The full array local dimming technique consists of 60 zones that dim the screen in specific places. This creates deep black levels, while the bright parts remain bright. As a result, the TV provides a strong contrast between color and black tones. Some competitors have more zones, but in practice I don't notice much of this. The black levels may only be slightly more accurate during a high-contrast scene such as a starry sky. In those cases, I sometimes see a slight glow around bright images.

Limited viewing angle, no bothersome reflections

Sony KD-XG9505 viewing angle

Unfortunately, only the 75 and 85-inch formats have the X-Wide Viewing technology that improves the viewing angle. That's why I quickly notice that the image quality of this 65-inch model deteriorates when I sit diagonally in front of the TV. The image becomes darker, contrast is lost, and the reflections become stronger. When I sit in front of the TV, I have little trouble with reflections. These are especially visible in illuminated spaces, but not very disturbing.

More realistic sound thanks to extra tweeters

Sony KD-XG9505 sound

There are 2 extra tweeters on the back of the screen. This is meant to really make the sound seem as if it's coming out of the screen. I notice that the stereo image indeed sounds more realistic. When I watch movies, I miss a higher output volume or powerful woofers. If I turn up the volume considerably, the sound becomes a bit shrill. It's convenient that the TV supports Dolby Atmos and eARC. This makes it easy to connect it to a Dolby Atmos soundbar.

Modern design

The thin bezel made of dark metal gives the TV a modern and subtle appearance. At 6.9 centimeters, the TV is slightly deeper than average. This is because the full array background lighting is behind the screen. The light metal stands are facing outwards. The advantage of this is that a compact soundbar easily fits under the screen. The spacious recesses in the stands are a useful addition for tidy cable management. You can easily guide multiple cables away.

More luxurious remote control

Sony KD-XG9505 remote control

This year, Sony has designed the remote control of premium TVs in a more luxurious way. The design is more compact and the top is finished with brushed metal. The classic buttons feel pleasant and are logically arranged. I connect the remote control via Bluetooth, so I don't have to point it at the TV. This is definitely recommended. The only point of improvement in my eyes is that the large and colored Google Play and Netflix buttons stand out, while the play buttons are a bit too small and subtle.

Improved smart menu

Sony KD-XG9505 Smart menu

The updated smart menu provides extra overview. All apps, connected devices, settings, and other functions are neatly put together. It's a shame that the TV interrupts images when I summon the full-screen menu. Fortunately, you can work around this when you open a bar at the bottom of the screen with the Settings button. It contains all the inputs from the start, but you can easily add apps to it. This way you can use this bar to quickly switch between your favorite apps.


4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart tv: Android | 100Hz
no longer available

The Sony KD-XG9505 delivers a very realistic contrast, making subtle color and skin tones look natural. Thanks to the excellent sharpness of motion, the TV is very suitable for images with fast actions. Think of action movies, sports matches, or games. Unfortunately, the improved viewing angle is only available on models of 75 inches and up, because I'd want people who are sitting diagonally in front of the TV to have the same image quality. I'm also a fan of the more luxurious remote control and the improved smart menu. These ensure a pleasant user experience.

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