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Available now: Fallout 76

With the arrival of Fallout 76, the post-apocalyptic wasteland will be much less lonely than Fallout veterans are used to. With Fallout 76, for the first time, Tod Howard ventured to a multiplayer game in the Fallout universe. Time to take it together with friends against Deathclaws!

What is Fallout 76

The nuclear bombs have been launched and the American population is seeking cover in the Fallout shelters. 25 years later, the doors of Vault 76 open again and it is up to you and your fellow vault residents to rebuild the earth. Unique to this Fallout in West Virginia is that the vault opens pretty quickly (25 years after the bombs). What follows is a multiplayer game in the 'WV' wilderness where the radioactive mutations are still fresh. War never changes?

The setting

Fallout is set in West Virginia

Fallout 76 is larger than Fallout 4, but takes place many years earlier in the timeline. Also West Virginia is not exactly a lively metropolis, so the fictional Chinese have not wasted a nuclear weapon. As a result, the flora (forests!) And fauna have not been wiped out by the shockwave, but as a result of all the radiation it has been extensively mutated.

The enemies

Fallout is as usual full of ugly ghouls, dangerous mutants and other animals, but fortunately West Virginia offers enough conspiracies, legends and myths to design unique, frightening monsters. Bethesda puts their teeth in here and plans bosses like the infamous MothMan, a sneaky monster that will stalk you first and reveal itself later as a challenging final boss.

To build

Build and defend your own base

Building a base in Fallout 4 was already quite extensive, but now that you can do this together with 4 (?) Friends it is of course a lot more fun. Your base is regularly attacked by animals and bad-guys. Do you play on another server? Then your base will move with you. If there is no place, you will receive the blueprints of your placed buildings to easily set up your base elsewhere.


Explore the world

Fallout is, of course, an RPG, so that is called leveling. Every time you level, you choose a card that is associated with one of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. For example, you opt for Intelligence, so you can choose 1 of 3 (?) Skills. You specialize your character in this way, for example to improve crafting. Team mates, on the other hand, may opt for healing or better melee attacks. You also exchange cards with your party, so you build the ultimate skillset together.


The powerful power suits protect you from the most dangerous creatures and areas

Is your base finished? Is your whole party already higher level? Then it's time to really fight with your neighbors by looking for the codes for the different nucleare silos that are hidden in the world. Shoot the base of your angry neighbors at once with smithereens. Or ... you choose to shoot a certain area of the map and upgrade it with more challenging monsters and ... more loot!

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