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How do I reset my Foscam IP camera?

It might happen that your Foscam IP stops functioning normally. Is it no longer connecting to the network, for example, or did the motion sensor schedule stop working? In many cases, resetting the IP camera will solve the problem. In the step-by-step plan below, I'll explain how to do this.

Step 1: reset an indoor camera

How you reset your Foscam camera depends on the model of camera you have. Through the steps below, I explain how to reset the camera. Tip: Do you have a camera from the FI98 or FI89 series? Then grab a paper clip. You need this to press the reset button.

** Indoor camera **

  1. Locate the reset button. You can recognize this by the description at the button: 'Reset'. For some models, 'WPS' is next to this. Depending on your IP camera, the reset button is located at the following location:
  • FI98 series: Bottom
  • FI89 series: Bottom
  • C series: Rear
  • R series: Side n2. Press the reset button (for FI98 and FI89 series, use the paper clip here) and hold for 10 seconds. A voice indicates that the reset of the IP camera has been carried out. Do not you hear anything? Then wait another 5 seconds longer and release the button. The camera is now reset.

Step 1: reset an outdoor camera

  1. On a Foscam outdoor camera, the reset button isn't located on the IP camera itself, but on the bundle of connectors. There's a black connector with a small white button on the tip. This is the reset button.
  2. Press the reset button and hold it for 10 seconds. Depending on the IP camera model, you'll now hear a voice telling you the camera has successfully been reset. Don't hear anything? Hold the button for 5 more seconds, then release it. The IP camera has now been reset.

(Optionally) Unlink the IP camera from your myfoscam account

Want to completely set up the IP camera again, for example because you want to use it with a different account? Unlink the IP camera from your current account. Never created an account on the Foscam site? In that case, you can skip these steps.

  1. Open your web browser and go to myfoscam.
  2. On the right side of the screen, enter your username and password and press 'Security Login'.
  3. You'll now see an overview of all your linked IP cameras. Find your camera in this list.
  4. Below the camera, you'll see two icons, a trash can and a gear. Press the trash can.
  5. A popup will appear, select 'Confirm'. The camera has now been removed from your account.

Step 2: set up the IP camera again

Want to set up the IP camera again? Follow our setup procedures.

How do you set up a Foscam camera using the cloud interface? How do you set up a Foscam camera using the web interface?

Is it not working?

We'll gladly help you reset your Foscam IP camera. Can't get your IP camera to reset? Contact our customer service.

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