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How do I set motion detection on my Foscam IP camera?

You've installed your Foscam camera. Now you'd of course like to know if someone is standing in front of your door. Monitoring your camera's livestream 24 hours a day is one option, but not exactly what you had in mind of course. Luckily, you can tell the camera to only send you a notification if it detects movement. The steps below tell you how to do that.

What do you need?

For push notifications

  • Your phone
  • The Foscam app
  • A Foscam camera connected to the Internet

For email notifications

  • A computer connected to the Internet and the same network as the camera
  • The Foscam web interface
  • An email account with password

Push notifications

You can set up push notifications via the mobile application. To use the app, complete the corresponding installation procedure.

How do I install my Foscam camera via a smartphone?

Afterwards, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the application on your smartphone.
  2. Log in with your Foscam account.
  3. Select the linked camera by pressing the image of the camera.
  4. Then press the gear icon at the top right of the screen.
  5. Choose the 'Alert' option.
  6. Now choose 'Motion Detection'.
  7. In the next screen you see a number of options:
  • Motion Detection: This is the general setting to activate motion detection.
  • Schedule: Here you set the days and times at which the motion detection should be on.
  • Sensitivity: You may be notified of every cat passing by. In that case, set the sensitivity to a lower position.
  • Triggered Interval: Do you not want constant notifications when you bring in messages? The interval ensures that a new notification does not take place immediately after every movement. The time you set here is the minimum time between 2 notifications.
  1. Enable the "Motion Detection" option and any other functions.
  2. The push notifications for motion detection are now enabled. You will now receive notifications on your phone.

Email notifications

Step 1: enable motion detection

  1. At the top of the page – depending on your camera model – you'll see 2 or 3 tabs. Select 'Settings'.
  2. In the new screen, select the option 'Detector' in the menu on the left. A smaller menu will appear below this option when you click it. In this menu, select 'Motion detection'. A new screen will appear to the right of the menu.
  3. Tick the box 'Active'.
  4. Now tick the box next to 'Send email'.
  5. (Optional) Click 'Set detection zone' to determine which areas/zones of the image need to be monitored. Do you have a pet that's always in the lower left of the image? Make sure that's not set as a zone. You can set up to 3 zones with different levels of sensitivity. Try out what works best in your situation. Click 'Ok' at the top to save the zones.
  6. Click 'Save' in the top right corner. Motion detection has now been enabled. Now you just have to configure the email details.

Step 2: configure the email settings

  1. In the left menu, select the option 'Network'. Another menu will appear under the selection. Choose 'Email settings'.
  2. To the right, a new screen will appear. Enter the email details for your provider. Don't remember the settings? Contact your internet service provider for the most recent ones. If you're using Outlook (Hotmail, Live, MSN) or Gmail, find the right settings in the table below.
  3. After filling out the settings, click 'Save' in the top right corner. You can test it if you want by clicking 'Test' next to 'Send'.
  4. Email notifications for motion detection have now been enabled.

Settings per provider

Gmail Outlook Ziggo KPN
SMTP Server smtp.gmail.com smtp-mail.outlook.com smtp.ziggo.nl smtp.kpnmail.nl
SMTP Port 587 (alternatively: 465) 587 587 587
Transport Layer Security STARTTLS (alternatively: TLS) STARTTLS STARTTLS TLS
SMTP Username Your Gmail account Your Outlook account Your Ziggo email address Your KPN email address
SMTP Password Your Gmail password Your Outlook password Your Ziggo email password Your KPN email password

Is it not working?

We'll gladly help you enable motion detection on your new Foscam IP camera. Followed the steps but still can't get it set up? Please contact our customer service.

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