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Getting started with the Canon EOS 4000D

You are eager to take pictures with your new Canon EOS 4000D. Before you can start, you must first make the camera ready for use. In this article you will read step by step how to do this. You can also read how to shoot the first images.

Step 1: Insert the battery into the camera

Insert the battery

Before you can get started with your camera, you must first install the battery. Often there is some tension on the battery that is supplied. If you want to be sure of a charged battery, first charge it completely. You place the battery in the opening at the bottom of the device. Open the cover and place the contacts of the battery on the contacts that you find in the opening.

Step 2: Insert the memory card into the camera

Insert a memory card

Of course you want to save the photos you are going to make. You do this on a memory card. The camera also always needs a memory card to take pictures. In the same opening where you placed the battery, you also insert the memory card. If all goes well, the card only fits in one way. Press it until you hear a click. Then close the cover again.

Step 3: attach the lens

Lens op camera bevestigen

The camera body and lens are always separate from each other in the box. You have to put these together yourself. Remove the cap from the body and place it with the opening facing down on the table. You also remove the rear cap of the lens. Place the lens with the white tip exactly on the same white tip that is also on the body. Assemble the parts until you hear a click.

Step 4: Turn the camera on in the correct position

Juiste stand selecteren

All parts are in and on the camera. Time to turn it on. You do this by turning the dial that is on top of the camera. This is the big button with all positions. Turn the knob to the 'A +' automatic position for convenience. When the position is turned to the white line to the left of the turning wheel, the camera is on. The same applies to the other positions. Finally, remove the lens cap from the lens.

Step 5: make your first photos and view them

Take first photo

The camera is in the correct automatic mode. Now you are going to take a picture. You do this with the button on top of the camera, on the right. By pressing the button halfway, the camera focuses on the subject. You will hear a sound as soon as the image is sharp. Then press the button more firmly. To the right of the screen you will find a square with a triangle in it. Click here to view your photo.

Step 6: store the camera safely after use

Store the camera

Always store your camera safely when you are done. Turn the camera off first. You do this by turning the 'off' option to the white line via the dial. Then place the lens cap back on the lens. It is best to remove the battery from the device. If you let him in, he will continue to use a little bit of power and slowly empty. Then put the camera in a camera bag or cover.

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