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Tips after purchasing a LightAir air purifier

You've decided to buy a LightAir air purifier, but what is actually the best place to put it down, how long should it be on and how should you maintain it? In this article we will gladly explain it to you.


Houdt rondom de luchtreiniger vrij

The placement is important in order for the air cleaner to do its job properly. It is best to keep a minimum of 1 meter around the device. So never place it behind a sofa or in the corner of a room, as the cleaner has too little free air to perform optimally. For the LightAir Solution, the advice is to hang 50 centimeters off the ceiling. Do not place metal objects within 1 meter of the air cleaner. Otherwise they get a static charge, so they get the same effect as the collector and attract dust particles and fine dust.


Beschermkap en blauwe verlichting

To achieve the best result it is wise to switch the air cleaner on continuously. The device also cleans all new air that enters the house. If you use it 24 hours a day, that means around 12 euros a year.

Protective cover: With the air cleaner you have received a protective cover. The use of this hood is not necessary, but offers a solution if you have children or animals at home. This way they will not be shocked if they accidentally touch the air cleaner.

Lighting: The standing variants of the LightAir air purifiers have atmospheric lighting in their feet. If you suffer from the light, you can easily switch off the lighting via the switch. The air cleaner also works without the lighting.

How do I test whether the air cleaner works properly?

Ionisator met vervuiling op collector

You have completely connected the air cleaner, but you don't really know if it works. There are 2 ways to find out:

  • Check if there is a small blue light on the ionizer. If the light on the ionizer next to the corona needles is on, the air cleaner is on.

  • Check whether the collector is statically charged. You do this by touching it. If you get a shock when you touch it, the air cleaner is on. This feels a bit annoying, but it is not dangerous. It is similar to the shock you get when you are statically loaded and touch the door handle, for example. If you feel no shock, check whether the collector is correctly positioned on the iron pin and the plug is in the socket. If you have a LightAir Solutions, check whether you have properly connected the electrical wires to the mains.

Cleaning and maintenance

The LightAir cleaners have no filters that you need to replace, so you have no maintenance costs. It is important that you clean the parts of the air cleaner.

Schoonmaken LightAir luchtreiniger


After 1 to 2 weeks, a black deposit will form on the collector. You can easily remove this with warm soapy water with a mild detergent and a soft sponge or cloth. Hand dish soap also works well. Never place the parts in the dishwasher, as this can damage them and lose their function. After cleaning it is important that you dry the collector thoroughly before you put it back.

If you smoke at home, the attack is more difficult to remove from the collector. To clean the collector, use a little degreaser or ox gallon soap and let it withdraw. After this you can remove the attack a little easier.

Corona naalden light air

Corona needles

The corona needles are in the ionizer and generate the negative ions. Limescale builds up on these needles after a few months. It is therefore advisable to carefully clean the corona needles every quarter with the supplied brush or a soft toothbrush. With the standing versions the corona needles are above the ionizer and with the hanging version they are under the ionizer.

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