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This is how you maintain your De'Longhi coffee machine

If you want to enjoy your coffee machine for a long time, it's important that you maintain it properly. Here you can read which steps you should take to guarantee the hygiene and the lifespan of the machine.

Avoid limescale

Use Delonghi water filter to prevent limescale

Insert the water filter

Limescale is killing for your coffee machine; the pipes become clogged, the risk of malfunctions increases, and the coffee taste deteriorates. That's why it's important to place a water filter in the water tank. With this, you'll filter lime, lead, and other particles from the tap water. This prevents limescale, and the coffee taste will also improve.

  • Replace the water filter once every 2 months.

  • Needed: DeLonghi Water Filter

Descale Delonghi coffee machine to remove limescale

Descale the coffee machine

In addition to using a water filter, you must also descale the coffee machine. The water filter doesn't stop all the lime. How often you do this depends on the water hardness and how often you use the coffee machine. It's possible that your De'Longhi will automatically notify you when it's necessary to descale it.

  • Descale the coffee machine once every 4 months
  • Needed: DeLonghi Descaler 500ml

Thoroughly clean the removable parts

clean delonghi brew group

Clean the brew group

You must clean the brew group of your De'Longhi coffee machine every week. You do this by removing the brew group from the machine and rinsing it thoroughly under the tap with lukewarm water. Don't use any detergent, it's not good for the brew group. You should also clean the area where you removed the brew group. You'll notice that a lot of coffee residue is left behind. The easiest way is to carefully suck this up with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Clean the brew group once a week
  • You don't need a cleaner
clean the delonghi milk container

Clean the milk system

Remaining milk residues cause nasty bacteria in your coffee machine. It starts to stink, and before you know it, mold will have formed. That's why you should rinse the milk system after every brew. In addition, it's important to thoroughly clean the milk system every week with milk system cleaner.

  • Rinse the milk system after each use
  • Neeed: DeLonghi Milk Cleaner 250ml

Which maintenance product is suitable for my De'Longhi?

Use care products from delonghi own brand

De'Longhi maintenance products are suitable for all De'Longhi models. Naturally, there are also B brand maintenance products for sale. We recommend that you use De'Longhi's own maintenance products. That way you'll know for sure that you're cleaning your coffee machine correctly, without damaging it. You also prevent the warranty on the coffee machine from voiding due to the use of unsuitable cleaning agents.

Follow the instructions in the manual

The best way to clean each part differs per coffee machine so make sure to grab the manual. This describes which actions you should carry out to properly clean every part of your coffee machine.

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