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When do you use back button focus on a camera?

It is probably one of those buttons on your camera that you do not know the function of, even though the back button focus button is very handy. In this article I explain how to use the back button focus during shooting. In addition, I tell you in which situation you use the function.

How does the back button focus work?

How does the back button focus work

Focusing is normally done by pressing the shutter button halfway. You then press the button completely to take the photo. By using the back button focus, you skip 1 step. You focus with this button and take the picture directly with the release button. The biggest advantage is that the focus does not change after that, so you do not have to focus on every photo.

When do you use the back button focus?

When using your back button focus

If you have selected the back button focus, the camera is in 'one-shot' autofocus mode. The focus then remains on stationary subjects. Even if you change the settings in between. Do you want to follow a moving topic? Then hold down the back button focus button. The camera then continuously focuses on the subject you are following. This way you can continue to shoot photos without having to focus in between.

Why should I use this feature?

Why use your back button focus

The back button focus will save you a lot of time. After all, you do not have to focus during the shooting. In this way, making a portrait series is much faster. Even if you do not have that much time to look up from your camera, this feature offers a solution. As with sports competitions. By following the subject while holding down the back button focus button, you capture the action quickly and sharply.

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