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How do I make my SIM card bigger or smaller?

SIM cards come in different sizes, but what if your SIM card has the wrong size for your phone? In such a case, your SIM card will need to be resized to the correct size. We'll tell you how that works in this article.

How many SIM card sizes are there?

SIM card sizes

Let's start at the beginning: how many SIM card sizes are there? There are 3 different sizes: mini, micro, and nano. The sizes can be easily recognized by the size of the gold-colored circuit, relative to the size of the plastic shell. The 'standard' SIM card is the largest and contains the most plastic. The micro card is the second largest variant, while the nano card is the smallest one. This SIM card only has a small strip of plastic surrounding the circuit.

Help, my SIM card is too big

SIM card is too big

That will be cut! It is advisable not to work with scissors yourself. It is rather narrow and you do not want to damage your SIM card irreparably. Fortunately, there are special pliers for cutting a SIM card. With this you can cut your SIM card from micro to nano as well as from standard to micro or nano. Meanwhile there are SIM cards that you can print out of a card in the right size, so you do not have to cut.

Help, my SIM card's too small

SIM card is too small

This can be solved relatively easily by using an adapter. Simply place your SIM card in the adapter and insert it into your phone. There are different types of adapters available: from nano to micro, from nano to standard, and from micro to standard. In short, most size problems can be solved by using an adapter.

Another possibility: order a new SIM card

Don't feel like cutting your SIM card to size or using an adapter? You can also order a new SIM card in the right size via your provider. Please note that most providers will charge you for this. Prices may vary between € 5 and € 15.

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