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Reset Windows 10

When your PC is no longer working properly, it is an idea to reset it. That way, your computer may work well again as before. Moreover, you also have the option to keep your files during resetting. In this article I tell you how to do this.

Get started

To reset Windows, go to * settings *. This is the gear that appears when you click on the Windows logo at the bottom left. Then you navigate in the following way:

  • Go to update and security, then to recovery
  • Select reset this PC and finally get started
  • You now have the option to restore Windows. There are 3 possibilities for this.

Keep files

When resetting, you can keep your files on the PC, delete them or return to the original factory settings. If you choose to keep your files, the files on your PC will of course remain. However, installed apps, drivers, and changes that you've made yourself will be deleted.

Delete everything

The delete all option removes all files, drivers and apps as the name implies. This is only advisable when you have a backup of your data or you are going to sell the PC. Windows 10 is reinstalled and is once again the time before you installed files on the PC yourself.

Restore factory settings

When you reset the factory settings, you reset the PC to the operating system that was once on the PC. Suppose you bought your current computer with Windows 7, then you have the option to reset Windows to 7 instead of 10. Because the PC must initially be equipped with an older operating system, this option is not available for all computers. If you have a PC that already has Windows 10 on it, then this option is unlikely to be available to you.

Time to choose

If you have chosen an option, the PC will get started. Depending on which option you choose, it takes longer or shorter to put the PC back. After the process, the PC should work as usual and you will start working with your faithful bessie again without hindrance.

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Kasper Computer specialist.

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