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Help installing the Google Home and Google Home Mini

Cool! You've purchased a Google Home or Google Home Mini. Of course you want to start using your new purchase as soon as possible, so you just need to install it. In this article, I'll explain how to install the Google speakers step by step.

Step 1: unpack the Home or Mini and switch it on

De Google Home uit de verpakking

Unpack your Google Home or Google Home Mini. Use the included power cable to connect the Home or Mini to the power outlet. You can switch on the Home or Mini using the switch on the side of the casing.

Step 2: download the Google Home app

Google Home App

Grab your smartphone and download the Google Home app from the app store. Open the app and click 'get started'. Log in with your Google account in the app. The app will then search for new devices. Make sure you're connected to the WiFi network.

Step 3: connect the Google Home (Mini) to the app

Google Home app with Google Home Mini

Once the Google Home or Google Home Mini is found, the app will ask to start the installation. Press set to make the connection between your smartphone and the Home or Mini. Once connected, the speaker will give a confirmation sound.

Step 4: choose a location for the speaker

Multiroom Google Home

After making the connection between the speaker and the app, the app will ask where the device is located. If you already used the Google Home app, the app will show the rooms you already created. Want to use the device in the kitchen? Select 'kitchen'. Haven't used the Google Home app yet? Select 'make new' and create the desired space.

Step 5: connect to your WiFi network

WiFi connection Google Home Mini

In the next step, you'll choose the network for the Home or Mini. It's important that this is the same WiFi network as the one your smartphone uses. It's also important that the WiFi reception is strong enough to use the speech assistant. Enter your WiFi password to make a connection.

Step 6: set up the Google Assistant

Set up the Google Assistant

In this step, you'll activate the Google Assistant and set it up with all your preferences. The app will ask to enable voice recognition. Give the app permission to use your microphone when this screen appears. You're then asked to say a few things to Google. The voice recognition is then activated.


The Flemish version of Google Home isn't available yet. As a result, you'll have to use the Dutch or French version in Belgium. When you ask Google Home questions about the news or weather, for example, you'll get answers related to the Netherlands or France. Of course, the other smart options, like controlling your lights, your thermostat, or your music, are already available.

Step 7: set your preferences

Bepaal je voorkeuren in Google Assistent

In this step, the app will ask you for permission to use your location. This allows the Google Assistant to provide useful travel information or information about the nearest stores and the weather. After this step, you can link streaming services like Spotify and Netflix, provided that you have an account. You'll also set preferences like the preferred language, a female or male voice, and the operation of other smart devices in your home. The Google Home or Google Home Mini is now ready for use.

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