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Advice on kerosene heaters

A kerosene heater is very user friendly. This makes them portable. Turn on the heater with the press of a button and feel the temperature in your room increase within 5 minutes.

2 types of kerosene heaters

Not every kerosene heater is the same. There are 2 different types of kerosene heaters. The biggest difference is how you connect them. Some work without electricity, others do need some power.

Wick heater vs. laser heater

Wick heater

A wick heater is a kerosene heater that doesn't electricity. What do you need? A few batteries to ignite the heater. You can place it wherever you want. After all, you don't need to take any outlets into account. A wick heater lasts 25 years on average. You may have to replace the wick at some point, but that can be done in a few minutes.

  • You don't need electricity to ignite the wick heater.
  • Since you don't need to worry about power cords, a wick heater is mobile.
  • A wick heater doesn't have a thermostat, so you can't adjust the temperature.
  • Wick heaters aren't as economical as laser heaters.

Laser heaters

Laser heaters work with an electronically controlled burner. To control this burner, you do need power. On the other hand, a laser heater does have the comfort of a central heating system. A laser heater has additional functions like a timer and a built-in thermostat. You can set the desired temperature yourself and keep the temperature in your room constant. In addition, a laser heater has a fan that evenly distributes the heat in your room.

  • A laser heater often has extra functions like a timer, low-power mode, and a thermostat, which provide extra comfort.
  • Thanks to the fan, the heat is better distributed throughout your room.
  • You need a power supply for a laser heater, making it less mobile.

Save energy

Your central heating is responsible for 75 percent of your total gas consumption. In order to save energy, it's best to turn down your central heating or even switch it off completely every now and then. With a kerosene heater, you make sure your room is at a pleasant temperature. You only heat the room you're in at that moment, so you don't waste energy, while your central heating sometimes does. In addition, kerosene heaters are very economical. They have a low fuel consumption, which means their energy consumption is very low. 20 liters of kerosene provides about 100 hours of heat. Combine this with targeted heating of your rooms, and you'll certainly save money on your energy bill.


A kerosene heater is a user-friendly heater that can save you a lot on your energy bill. You do this by only heating the room you're in, instead of switching on your central heating. In addition, a kerosene heater has a very low fuel consumption. Not all kerosene heaters are the same. The difference lies in the way you connect them. A wick heater works without electricity, while a laser heater doesn't.

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