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Advice on electric kettles and stovetop kettles

On this page, you will find more information about electric kettles and regular kettles. The biggest difference between these two products is that an electric kettle works on electricity and a regular kettle on a gas or induction cooktop. The differences between and functions of these two products are discussed below.

1. Why an electric kettle or a regular kettle?

The main objective of the two products is exactly the same: boiling water. What are the differences and why would you choose an electric kettle or a regular kettle? What do you pay attention to when choosing between the two? With the help of the corresponding advice pages, you can ultimately determine which product best suits your needs.

The electric kettle

Electric kettle

The electric kettle When purchasing an electric kettle, you can pay attention to the following basic elements:

  • How large is the capacity ?
  • Fixed stand or rotatable?
  • Is it double-walled or not? In addition to these basic points, the electric kettle has more functionalities. You can read more about this on the advice page for electric kettles.

The regular kettle

Stovetop kettle

What do you pay attention to when purchasing a regular kettle? Although a regular kettle has less extensive functionalities than an electric kettle, you can select three other elements besides the design:

  • How large is the capacity?
  • What is it made of?
  • Suitable for induction or gas?

In the chapter below you can read more about the characteristics of a regular kettle.

2. What do you pay attention to with a regular kettle?

Above are the points that you can pay attention to when purchasing a regular kettle: the content, the material, and for which type of heat source the kettle is suitable. The content of a regular kettle depends on the number of people in your household.

  • Household up to 4 people: regular kettles up to 1.6 liters
  • Household more than 4 people: regular kettles from 1.7 to 2.8 liters

You can choose from stainless steel or enameled steel models in our regular kettle range. Both materials are very durable to use. Enameled steel is more suitable for use with a color layer, as a result of which regular kettles of this material are often available in multiple colors. Regular kettles are traditionally used on fire. Nowadays, there are also induction plates where the cooktop is electrically heated. You can also use regular kettles on this heat source.

3. What else should you pay attention to?

To lift a regular kettle easily and safely from the fire or induction cooktop, the handle is equipped with an insulating handle. This prevents you from burning your hands on it. Keep in mind that a regular kettle is not dishwasher safe. You will therefore always have to rinse it by hand.

4. Is the regular kettle or an electric kettle more energy efficient?

A logical question can be whether one is more energy efficient than the other. In principle, there is a minimal to no difference in consumption. An electric kettle does stop automatically when the boiling point is reached. This means it uses no more energy than necessary. With a regular kettle, the heat source must be turned off manually. It can therefore cook longer while the boiling point has already been reached.

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