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Setting up your new Lenovo laptop

Congratularions! You have your new Lenovo laptop. All that's left is setting it up. We'll tell you step by step how to install Windows 10 on your Lenovo notebook. So unpack your laptop quickly and don't forget to plug in the charger.

1. Start the Windows setup

Start the Windows setup

Open your laptop, turn it on and start the Windows setup. First, you enter the language, time format, and the keyboard layout you want to use. We recommend choosing:

  • Configuration language: Dutch (The Netherlands)
  • Time and currency layout: Dutch
  • Keyboard or input method: United States

The next screen will ask you to add a second keyboard layout. If you don't want this, click Skip.

2. WiFi - connecting to a network

In this menu you can choose the WiFi network you want to connect your Lenovo laptop to. Choose your own network from the list of nearby networks and enter your password.

If you want your laptop to always connect to the selected WiFi network, check Connect automatically. This is especially useful for the WiFi network you use at home. Your laptop will automatically switch to the right network when you come home from school or work.

3. The fine print

You usually agree to the license agreement without reading it. This text is about legal matters, the fine print, so to say. Read it if you have the time. If you agree, click Agree.

4. Log in with a Microsoft account

If you have a Microsoft account, log in here and click Next. If you don't have one or don't want to log in with your account, click Offline Account. This way, you can skip the login.

5. Set your username and password

Enter the username you want to use on your new laptop here. Click Next and enter a password.

6. Privacy settings

On standard privacy settings, information is sent to Microsoft regularly. This is to ensure the best protection. Our advice is to select these standard settings. Do you value privacy and know exactly which options you do and don't need? Adjust the settings in this window.

7. Registration and protection

Register with Lenovo to share information about your warranty status and your contact details with Lenovo, among other things. This is completely optional. Click Next to check what you do and don't want to share with Lenovo.

After this step, your laptop will install the latest Windows updates. This usually takes a few minutes, but in some cases it may take a few hours.

8. Getting started

The setup is done now and you're ready to use your new laptop.

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