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How do I navigate with TomTom MyDrive Connect?

With MyDrive Connect, in addition to updating maps and software, you also have the option to navigate from your computer. The places you want to navigate to are forwarded from your computer to your TomTom. The ideal preparation before you get in the car, because you know in advance how long your journey will take. In this article I explain how to navigate with MyDrive Connect.

MyDrive Connect step-by-step plan

** Step 1: Connect your TomTom to your computer and open MyDrive Connect **

Use the included USB cable to connect your TomTom to your computer and switch on your navigation system. Open MyDrive Connect on your computer. Under `My Navigation System 'click on the option` The Smartest Route Planner'. You will now be redirected to the MyDrive page of TomTom.

** Step 2: Log in with your TomTom account **

You are now on the MyDrive page of TomTom. At the top right you will find the option 'Sign Up'. Click on this and log in with your TomTom account.

** Step 3: Search for the desired location or address **

Left on the MyDrive page, you can find the desired location or address. Here you enter an address or POI * and the system shows the search results. Click on the desired search result and then click on `Plan Route '. MyDrive will now show the route, any delays and the travel duration. Via MyDrive you also have the choice to choose from different routes; for example, a certain route can take less time but in terms of distance it is longer than the alternative.

  • POI: A POI stands for point of interest and is known as a useful place for many navigation systems. These are places or locations such as gas stations, hotels, shops and places of interest that you do not have to look up by address. You only enter the name of the desired hotel, for example, or you are looking for 'petrol station'. If you search based on an address, MyDrive also shows the POIs in the vicinity of that address. *

** Step 4: Send the route to your TomTom **

You now have the route to your next destination searched via your computer. Now it's time to forward the route to the navigation system. Your navigation device is still connected to your computer. After you click on `Plan Route 'click on' Send Route To System '. Your TomTom now indicates that a new destination has been received and will start navigating.

  • Do not show your TomTom the route as soon as clicking 'Send Route To System'? Check whether you are also logged into your navigation system with your TomTom account. To log in to your navigation system, follow these steps. 1.Set your navigation device 2.Go to menu 3.Go to TomTom services 4.Go to MyDrive 5.Log in with the data of your TomTom account. *

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