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You want to make espresso with your Nespresso machine and occasionally you also like to drink a lungo. You can make an espresso or lungo with any Nespresso machine. But there are also Nespresso machines with which you can put extra coffee specialties, such as a ristretto or an americano. When you compare the different machines with each other, you also see differences in functions. For example, some machines have a cleaning indicator or touch control. In addition, the machines differ in size and design.

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Inissia Essenza mini U Pixie
Coffee specialties Espresso, Lungo Espresso, Lungo Espresso, Lungo, Ristretto Espresso, Lungo
Water reservoir capacity 0.7 liters 0.6 liters 0.7 liters 0.7 liters
Contents of the capsule collection tray 11 capsules 6 capsules 6 capsules 14 capsules
Cleaning indicator Yes No No No

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CitiZ Prodigio Expert
Coffee specialties Espresso, Lungo Espresso, Lungo, Ristretto Espresso, Lungo, Ristretto, Americano
Water reservoir capacity 1 litre 0.8 liters 1, 4 liters
Contents of the capsule collection tray 10 capsules 15 capsules 12 capsules
Adjustable temperature No No Yes
Touch operation No No Yes
Cleaning indicator No Yes Yes

Nice to know

All Nespresso machines have an adjustable coffee volume. You determine how much water the machine uses when preparing an espresso or lungo. The less water you add, the stronger the coffee will taste.

** Contents of the capsule tray ** After you put an espresso, the used capsule automatically falls into the capsule tray. The larger the collection tray, the more capsules fit into it. That way you have to empty it less often.

** Cleaning indicator ** A Nespresso machine with a cleaning indicator automatically indicates when it needs to be descaled. It is not necessary to keep track of this yourself.

** Water tank contents ** Please take into account the water tank's capacity in advance. The larger the reservoir, the more cups of coffee you put behind each other. That way you will have to refill it less often.

Descale Nespresso

Descale Nespresso

For the life of your Nespresso machine it is important that you maintain it properly by descaling your Nespresso at least once a year. Read here how to descale your Nespresso machine:

Rinse Nespresso

Rinse Nespresso

Have you not used your Nespresso for more than 2 weeks? Then it is important that you flush it well. Read here how the flushing of a Nespresso machine works exactly:

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