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Expert review of the Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic is the first smartwatch from Fitbit. Long before the official announcement the expectations were already high and I could not wait to test the Ionic. In this article I show you what this smartwatch has to offer and I discuss the most important specifications. Has the Ionic been able to fulfill the promises?

In short

Compatible with iOS and Android | Measures steps and burned calories | Receives incoming calls and messages
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  • Thanks to the built-in heart rate and GPS sensor you get a comprehensive overview of your workouts.+ You can easily read all your data on the crystal clear and sharp LCD screen.
  • The battery will last about 5 days without using the GPS sensor.
  • Thanks to the click system, the watch strap is easy to change and is securely attached.
  • Due to the own app platform and operating system (Fitbit OS) not all apps can be installed on Ionic.
  • Calling or replying to messages via the Ionic is not possible.
  • Paying via the NFC chip in the watch can not (yet) be done in the Netherlands.
  • No virtual assistant like Siri.

Sport and health

Sport Fitbit Ionic

I immediately notice the focus on sports and health when I go through the Ionic menu. You choose from different sport profiles and you make use of tailor-made workouts with Fitbit Coach. Think of interval training, long distances and sprints. When I choose 'Today' I get to see how active I am today. I see my steps, steps, calories, heart rate and distance in kilometers. I also get a signal when I sit on my desk chair for too long and I improve my own performance by obtaining badges.

Smartphone connectivity

Fitbit Ionic smartphone

Fitbit has marketed the Ionic as a smartwatch. You would therefore expect that you also use the watch as an extension of your smartphone. To a certain extent this is also the case. Calls and messages from your phone appear on the screen of the Ionic, but unfortunately it remains. I do not have the possibility to answer a call or whatsapp via the watch. When messages or mails are very long, it is also not possible to read the text in full.

Battery life

Battery Fitbit Ionic

The battery life of the Ionic has surprised me enormously. After 5 days the battery was still 39% full. For comparison, the battery life of the average smartwatch is about one day. The Ionic is a watch that you therefore wear day and night. That's good, because the smartwatch also measures your sleep extensively. That way you get more insight into your night's sleep. When you use the sport mode every day (with the GPS and heart rate sensor on all the time), the battery runs out faster.


Fitbit Ionic app

Fitbit uses its own app platform and operating system, Fitbit OS. The smartwatch works with both iOS and Android, but you can not just install any app on it. Where this decision by Fitbit initially appears to be somewhat restrictive, this is not the case in practice. There is a lot to choose from and new apps are constantly being added. Moreover, Fitbit's sports and health apps are more than adequate enough for me. I mainly use my smartwatch to monitor my activities and therefore do not need external apps as a supplement.


I was very happy with the Fitbit Ionic on my wrist. It is not only a high quality smartwatch with a beautiful screen. The Ionic also continues to amaze me in terms of sport functions. There are many workouts to choose from. The smartwatch not only registers your activities, it also helps you to be more aware of your health and to achieve your personal goals. The only drawback to the Ionic is for me in the limited smartphone connectivity. Fortunately, the long battery life more than made up for that.

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