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Everything on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

According to rumors, Samsung is announcing a new smartwatch at IFA 2018, the world's largest electronics trade show in Berlin. The smartwatch will most likely have a new name: Samsung Galaxy Watch. Curious about the rumors on this new smartwatch? I'll list them for you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

A few weeks ago, the first rumors about the new Samsung smartwatch emerged. The new watch alledgedly is a successor to the Samsung Gear S3 or the Gear Sport. With the launch getting closer, most sources note that the smartwatch will have a completely different name: Samsung Galaxy Watch. This name ties in nicely with the Galaxy smartphones Samsung makes. But what will the Galaxy Watch focus on? Lifestyle, just like the Gear S3? Or sports, like the Samsung Gear Sport? We'll have to wait and see. Techradar.com - 19 July 2018

Faster battery, narrower design

In terms of design, the Galaxy Watch will feature the well-known Samsung ring. Thanks to this rotating ring on the watch case, you can easily and quickly browse through apps, messages, and long texts. The smartwatch will likely be a bit thinner than the previous smartwatches Samsung launched. Fortunately, it has an even more powerful battery, so the battery life won't suffer. According to Sammobile, the battery of the Galaxy Watch will last longer than its predecessors. This means won't have to charge your smartwatch as often. Sammobile.com - 12 July 2018

Let the Watch know what you want with Bixby

Bixby is Samsung's new virtual assistant. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8+ smartphones are the first devices with this feature. You can use Bixby to let your device know what you want even faster by using voice commands, touches, and photos. The Galaxy Watch will likely also have this feature. In addition to operating the smartwatch, Bixby can also look up information for you. Do you see someone walking down the street with a backpack that you like? Take a picture of the backpack and Bixby will tell you all about it. Do you want to send a message while riding your bike? Bixby can help you with that, too. Sammobile.com - July 18, 2018

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