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The S Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Just like its predecessors in the Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 includes an S Pen. This stylus allows you to operate your phablet and accurately draw and write thanks to its small tip. In this article, I'll explain the many different uses of the S Pen and what it looks like.


S Pen Note 8

The Note 8's S Pen looks identical to the stylus that was included with previous Note models. Thanks to its lightweight ergonomic design, the pen feels great in your hand. This also makes the stylus highly suitable for business use or frequently drawing on your smartphone. In addition, the Note 8's S Pen includes the same side-button that its predecessors have. This button can be used as a hotkey for for opening apps. Located on top of the stylus, you'll find the same button that's included in normal pens in order to extend or retract the tip. This button allows you to take the S Pen out of your smartphone.

Quick tips

S Pen Note 8

You can use the small tip of the S Pen to operate your smartphone or draw much more accurately than your fingertip can. This can be convenient for intense business use or bursts of creativity. These accurate controls are also nice when you enable split screen to watch a video and use Whatsapp at the same time. In addition, you can draw a thicker line by pressing the stylus harder against the screen. The phone recognizes the stylus starting at a distance of 14 millimeters from the screen and shows you the exact place the tip of the pen is going to land on the screen via a dot.

Air Command

Air Command S Pen

Via the so-called Air Command you can quickly open all of your favorite apps for the S Pen. To make your own GIFs, for example. Draw a route on a map, add a funny message to a picture, or send a personal GIF to your friends. You can also make your own GIFs by editing existing videos, or you can add written comments and drawings to screenshots and videos. Another helps you with translating text, so you no longer need a dictionary. Simply hold the stylus above the relevant text and the translation automatically appears in a separate window.

Apps for the S Pen

Apps for the S Pen

Not only can you take notes with your stylus on a locked screen, there are tons of apps that are specially catered towards the S Pen. One handy and cool app is 'S Pen Voice PRO,' which allows you to record sound while writing or drawing. This can be useful when you're taking notes during a meeting or interview. The app 'S Pen Hover Drawing' uses the pen's ability to detect the screen from several millimeters away to let you draw smoothly without touching the screen. With games such as 'S Pen Sudoku' and 'DrawRace 2' Samsung hasn't forgotten about the fun stuff either.

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