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Samsung Gear S2 vs Samsung Gear S3

The Samsung Gear S3 was announced during the biggest European trade show for consumer electronics; the IFA. A year earlier, Samsung announced the S2 at the same event. Llike its predecessor, the Samsung Gear S3 has a round design with a rotating dial. Nothing special at first glance you would say. So what's the difference really? In this article, I compare the Samsung Gear S3 to the Samsung Gear S2.

What do they look like?

gear s2

Samsung Gear S2: Samsung's first round smartwatch

The Samsung Gear S3 was Samsung's first round smartwatch. It was also the first smartwatch with a rotating dial. This was a first for Samsung. The dial allows you to navigate through the menu. Compared to the Gear S3, the Gear S2 doesn't resemble traditional analog watch that much. Analog watches usually have 2 recognizable buttons at the right side of the watch. Those buttons are integrated in the Gear S2. The design of the Classic version of the S2 reminds more of an analog watch and resembles the design of the S3.

gear s3

Samsung Gear S3: sleek design

At first glance, the design of the S2 and S3 isn't that different. The Gear S3 also has a round display with a rotating dial. The smartwatch has a 1,3-inch display, which is slightly bigger than the 1,2-inch S2 display. The Gear S3 shows more resemblance to a traditional watch. For instance, the buttons at the right side of the watch are clearly visible. Thanks to the always on display, you can easily see what time it is. As is also the case with an analog watch. The Gear S3 is available in 2 versions, Classic and Frontier. The Classic has an elegant design and the Frontier is more sporty. The Frontier has a more sturdy look thanks to the rugged dial and 2 buttons with relief on them.

What can they do?

gear s2

Samsung Gear S2: useful

The Samsung Gear S2 has various useful functionalities. The integrated heart rate sensor measures your heart rate. This way, you know if you should step up your game during your workouts. Other than that, the smartwatch counts your steps and the number of calories you've burnt. It doesn't provide you with information about your speed or routes; useful information during your workout. Do you want to pump up the volume of your music during your bike ride? The Samsung Gear S2 allows you to do this from your wrist. You'll never miss a message wearing the Gear S2. The smartwatch receives and displays calls, SMS messages, and other notifications.

gear s3

Samsung Gear S3: extra functions

The functions of the Gear S2 remain represented in the Gear S3. Samsung did however make some useful additions. The Gear S3 displays your speed and altitude. This is fun to know, for example during running and snowboarding. Other than that, the Gear S3 has a GPS sensor, allowing you to keep track of your routes during your runs. You won't need your phone for that anymore. Are your friends unable to find the bar you're at? Share your location by pressing the bottom dial on your smartwatch. This dial keeps everyone updated on your location.


The innovations Samsung made for the Gear S3 aren't that game-changing compared to the Gear S2. Still, the extra features that were added to the Samung Gear S3 make it a worthy successor. The sleeker design and the always on display make the Gear S3 attractive. The speedometer, altimeter, and GPS sensor make the smartwatch easy to use during workouts.

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