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What is a smart robot vacuum?

You may have heard the term smart, but what exactly does it mean and what do you have to do with a robot vacuum cleaner? In this article I tell you what a smart robot vacuum cleaner is, whether there are different types of smart and whether it is recommended for you.

What is smart?

A robot vacuum cleaner is smart when it has the ability to connect to WiFi or has its own internet source. This means that you can connect via an app to your mobile phone. Through this app you get information about the progress of the cleaning process. Now, smart robot vacuum cleaners also differ again. In general, the more advanced the model, the more you can set or control via the app.

What are the different types of smart?

A robot vacuum cleaner is already quite advanced when it is smart. But it is different for each robot vacuum cleaner how smart it is. What you can see in the app, for example, and to what extent you can control the robot yourself. I can not discuss all possibilities per robot in this article, so I mention the 2 biggest differences: at home on WiFi and through a private network.

Smart vs. smart

At home on WiFi

Some robot vacuum cleaners connect to a WiFi network, but for this it is necessary that you are on the same network. In other words: it is necessary that you are at home to use the app. Through this app, for example, you get information about the progress, you plan a cleaning schedule or send the robot back to its base station. It differs for each robot vacuum cleaner how extensive the app is and what you can precisely control or set via this app.

Own network

If the robot vacuum cleaner has its own network, it is not necessary to be at home to use the app. In many cases the app is also a lot more extensive. For example, with most robot vacuum cleaners you will see a map of the area to be cleaned and you will immediately see where the robot is. In addition, it is sometimes possible via the app virtual walls the places or even live camera images can be seen. Note that this differs per robot vacuum cleaner.

When not?

The more advanced the smart robot vacuum cleaner is, the higher the price will be in many cases. It is therefore important to decide in advance what you think is necessary. Are you still not sure which robot vacuum cleaner suits you best and do you need help with your choice? View our advice page or consult Coolblue's choice.

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