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Compare the Sonos to the HEOS by Denon multiroom system

Do you want to create a multiroom system, but do you doubt between the Sonos or HEOS by Denon speakers? View the comparison on this page. Both systems are known for their simple installation, various playback functions and separate components. Do you not have a strong wifi signal? Then the Sonos system is handy because you make your own network with the Boost. The HEOS speakers offer additional playback options via Bluetooth or the USB or auxiliary input.

Compare the Sonos to the HEOS multi-room system

Sonos HEOS by Denon
A separate speaker for small, medium and large rooms Yes Yes
A subwoofer and soundbar for a powerful home theater sound Yes Yes
Listen to streaming services or internet radio Yes Yes
A speaker with a battery, so that I can also listen to music outside No Yes, the HEOS 1 with Go Pack
With separate components, add my current speakers to the multiroom system Yes Yes
Stream music to the speakers via Bluetooth Yes, only the Sonos Move Yes
Create an exclusive and powerful wireless network for my speakers Yes, with the Sonos Boost No
Connecting a USB stick or an auxiliary cable Only the Play: 5 has an aux input Yes
Automatically tune the sound of the speakers to the room's acoustics Yes, via the Trueplay function No

Sonos vs. Heos

Sonos multiroom system

The Sonos multiroom system

The Sonos wireless mulitroom system is characterized by working on a powerful wireless network. With the Sonos Boost you amplify the wifi signal so you do not suffer from disturbances in your sound. You can easily stream music through your entire house. Add a soundbar, wireless speakers and a sub for a complete sound experience. Place speakers in multiple rooms and operate them from the Sonos app on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, with the TruePlay function you adjust the sound of the speakers to the acoustics of the room.

HEOS multi-room systems

The HEOS by Denon multiroom systems

With the HEOS by Denon multiroom system you can also create a music system in your home wirelessly. In addition to all speakers working on Wi-Fi, HEOS also has speakers that have a Bluetooth function, such as the HEOS 1. This way you can also use the speaker in places where Wi-Fi may not come, such as your garden. With the aux inputs you can easily connect an MP3 player to the speaker. You can control the speakers from your smartphone via the app. Connect multiple speakers together for a stereo sound or connect them to the soundbar for better sound with your television.

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