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Expert review of the Huawei P20 Lite

Like its big brothers, the P20 and P20 Pro, the Huawei P20 Lite was revealed in March 2018. In terms of appearance, the smartphone looks a lot like the other P20 phones, but does that also apply to the specifications? I tested the cameras, the nearly bezelless screen, and the facial recognition, among others. Want to know what I think of the phone? I'll tell you in this review.

In short

  • 64GB storage capacity
  • 5.8-inch Full HD screen
  • Android 8.0 Oreo
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  • Thanks to the dual camera, you can take sharp pictures.
  • If the battery's almost empty, the phone will switch from Full HD to HD resolution to save power.
  • You can quickly unlock the smartphone with the face scanner.
  • Thanks to the full-sized front screen with thin bezels, the smartphone looks luxurious.
  • The glossy glass casing makes fingerprints very visible.
  • Pictures aren't always sharp in the dark, due to the small aperture.

Out of the box

The Huawei P20 lite's stylish glass casing is the first thing I notice when I unpack the smartphone. On top of that, the device is quite light and easy to hold. The screen seems large, thanks to the thin bezels and the so-called notch on the top. The notch contains a selfie camera and a speaker. When I flip the device, I see 2 cameras and a fingerprint scanner. There are a USB-C and a headphone connector on the bottom.


With the dual camera, you can mostly take sharp pictures during the day. The pictures unfortunately aren't as clear in lower-light conditions, such as at night or in a dark room. This is because the aperture is smaller than that of the P20 and P20 Pro, so the camera doesn't catch as much light. Fortunately, the flash will help you out in this situation. Do you like taking pictures with a depth-of-field effect like me? The P20 Lite has a portrait mode that creates this effect in your pictures.

Selfie camera

After taking a selfie with the 16-megapixel camera, the device will ask if you want to flip the selfie or keep the original. I really liked this, because selfies are often automatically inverted when they're stored. Another nice feature is the selfie camera's facial recognition. Not only is the face scanner easy to set, but it's also fast. The only downside of the camera is that there's no flash, so you can't see yourself on your selfie in the dark.


The 5.84-inch screen has a Full HD resolution. I've tested the screen quality by watching an episode on Netflix. The image is bright and colorful, which is convenient when you like watching shows on your phone. Do you mostly watch shows at night? The eye comfort mode filters blue light from the screen, which is less tiresome for your eyes. Another advantage of the screen is the smart resolution feature. This adjusts the screen resolution to HD to save power when the phone's almost empty.


Compared to the P10 Lite, the P20 Lite's predecessor, a lot has changed about the smartphone's appearance. There are thinner bezels around the screen, and it has a notch on the top. Unfortunately this design isn't unique and is very common for smartphones nowadays. Still, I'm a fan of the P20 Lite's glass casing, since it gives the phone a streamlined, luxurious appearance.


The Huawei P20 Lite is a mid-range phone that looks like a flagship model. Don't focus too much on the nice design, since it doesn't have the specifications of a high-end smartphone. The cameras let you take sharp pictures and videos, but they're not as bright in the dark. Want a smartphone that looks like a flagship model, but don't want to spend all your money on it? Get the Huawei P20 Lite.

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